Pioneer HDJ-S7 Headphone Review

Are the new HDJ-S7's really better than the HDJ-C70's? Watch our review and comparison video to find out.
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The new Pioneer DJ HDJ-S7 headphones are the latest from Pioneer and are slated to replace the HDJ-C70

The HDJ-S7's fit nicely on-the-ear and are lightweight for extended mixing sessions. Pioneer claims the headphones have great durability and have even passed some military spec tests, proving that they should hold up against the abuse of a commercial use (DJ) environment. 

Are the HDJ-S7's actually better than the HDJ-C70's? After testing our pair in the lab, we've made a decision.


  • Very Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Superb Sound Quality (Crisp Highs/Mids; Deep Lows)
  • Hardcase Included
  • Straight & Coiled Removable Cables Included
  • Superflex Rubber Headband


  • Metal Screws Into All Plastic Hinge 
  • Mostly Plastic Construction

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Pioneer HDJ-1500 & HDJ-2000 Headphones in White

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