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New: Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB XP DJ Turntable

AT has released the newest edition of their flagship AT-LP1240 DJ Turntable.

Audio-Technica has released the latest version of their flagship turntable, the AT-LP1240-USB XP.  

This high powered Super-OEM DJ turntable has the same strong motor and tonearm as the original version, along with a new matte-black aluminum finish. The new AT-LP1240-USB XP also comes bundled with the new Audio-Technica AT-XP5 DJ cartridge and stylus. Otherwise, this latest version has virtually all the same features, functions, and dimensions as the original which reviewed six years ago.

Audio-Technica has also released a few other products for DJ's as well. The DJ range includes the ATH-PRO5X and ATH-PRO7X Professional DJ Headphones, the AT-LP1240-USB XP Direct-Drive Professional DJ Turntable, and the AT-XP5 and AT-XP7 Moving Magnet DJ Cartridges. Hopefully, the new headphones will adopt some of the same qualities that the Audio-Technica ATH-M headphones that DJ's love today.



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Seeing Audio-Technica make new DJ cartridges is encouraging as we've recently heard that SHURE will cease to create any cartridges going forward.

Read the AT press release for more details, and dive into our full written and video review of the original AT-LP1240-USB turntable to see everything this new deck has to offer.



Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB Turntable Unboxing/First Impressions Video

Since the announcement of the discontinuance of the mighty Technics 1200 turntables, DJ's everywhere have been looking at different vinyl alternatives for their DVS timecode and analog setups. About two years ago, Audio Technica came up with the AT-LP120-USB direct drive professional turntables with a striking resemblance and feel of the iconic classic Technics 1200. Audio Technica was gracious enough to send me a brand new unit to put it through our tests for a full in-depth HD-Video review. The review will be ready shortly, but check out the unboxing & first impressions HD-Video after the jump.


Audio-Technica New Blog

Our good friends over at Audio-Technica have been creating professional sound products for professionals for decades. We've recently reviewed their latest headphones the ATH-M50X and their Wireless 10 Microphone System with great results. The Audio-Technica brand has now released a new blog space that provides updated content including product spotlights and really handy tutorial videos.


Audio-Technica releases ATH-M50RD Limited-Edition Red Headphones

DJ and Producers alike have used the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones with great success. Everyone seems to like the lightweight design and rugged durability paired with a great sound that accurately reproduces the source material. The ATH-M50's are currently sold in Black or white color schemes and now AT has released the new ATH-M50RD as a limited Red edition. Check out the full press release and more information on these limited edition headphones after the jump.


NAMM 2015: Audio-Technica ATH-M70x Headphones

In a surprise move, Audio-Technica has unveiled their newest flagship model DJ/Production headphones that are even a notch above their iconic ATH-M50x Headphones that we reviewed last year. The Audio-Technica ATH-M70x headphones have proprietary 45mm (over-the-ear) drivers that are capable of delivering a wide range of sound, metal reinforcement in the construction, and the ability to swivel the earcups 90-degrees for one-ear monitoring situations.


NAMM 2012: Audio Technica ATH-M50WH Headphones

Audio Technica has just released the ATH-M50W professional studio monitoring headphones which are the all-white version of AT's best ATH-M50 headphones. Users will get the same comfort and sound quality found on the originals along with a nice fresh color to boot. They have a fully collapsible and swivel design making them great for DJ's as well as producers and music makers. They are lightweight and have a very high power handling capability on the 45mm drivers. They will cost about $200 at retail and we'll let you know if they are worth it.