Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 Video Review

Watch an in-depth review of the new Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000.
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Recently released, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 controller is the latest flagship DJ controller to work perfectly with the Rekordbox DJ software. This version of the controller comes with full-sized mechanical style jog wheels found on the CDJs, with full-color hi-res screens in the middle to show wave-forms and other track information.

The DDJ-1000 controller also includes the on-board familiar Pioneer DJM style beat effects and four popular sound color effects, as well as dual-USB soundcards for easy DJ change-overs and tag team playback. 

Below, readers will find our review video—click here to watch our unboxing video—as well as a complete review summary of the main highlights of the DDJ-1000.


  • Excellent Jog Wheel Feel
  • Great Hi-Res Jog Wheel Center-Screens
  • Flagship Style Gear Layout
  • On-Board Beat & Sound Color FX
  • Dual USB Ports
  • Many Inputs & Outputs (DVS Ready)


  • Cannot Zoom Wave-forms on screens
  • No track/playlist navigation on screens



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