Pioneer DJ Launches DJ DDJ-1000 Tutorial Series

Pioneer DJ introduces a new tutorial series to show users exactly how to use their super new tool.
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Since the new DDJ-1000 has so many features in its repertoire, Pioneer DJ decided to introduce a new tutorial series to show users exactly how to use their super, new tool. 

The new and almighty Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 Rekordbox DJ controller is one of the best DJ controllers we've ever used, with its full-sized jog wheels and intuitive screens that display much of the track information at a glance. It includes the on-board familiar Pioneer DJM style beat effects and four popular sound color effects, as well as dual-USB soundcards for easy DJ change-overs and tag team playback.

Watch the first of a series of tutorial videos below and check back in with DJBooth in the weeks and months to come for additional coverage.



Pioneer Rekordbox DJ Tutorial [Videos]

Last month we reviewed the new Pioneer DDJ-RR Digital DJ Controller that uses the new Rekordbox DJ software. We explained lots of the features in detail and highly recommend the controller to anyone who wants something solid in the Rekordbox DJ realm. Pioneer DJ has now released a tutorial series of videos showing some in-depth features of the Rekordbox DJ software.


Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Tutorial [Videos]

The latest iteration of the original Pioneer DDJ-SB controller that we reviewed last year includes all the same features with the addition of Gain control knobs, line level meters, the Pad Trans beat effect, and 4-deck control. The Pioneer DDJ-SB2 has many improvements over the original, an Pioneer DJ has just released a new eight-part Tutorial Video series to show what it can do.


Serato DJ Tutorial Video Series

The new Serato DJ software that comes bundled with the new Pioneer DDJ-SX will soon be released to all current Serato Itch Users and Serato DJ Intro Users within the next few months. This newly updated software will have quite a few differences from what those DJ's are normally used to, so the Serato team decided to get everyone familiar with Serato DJ by releasing a slew of new Tutorial videos so users can see exactly what's changed and how to use the features. Check out all the videos inside after the jump!


Pioneer DDJ-RB Tutorial [Video]

The new Pioneer DDJ-RB is similar to the DDJ-SB2 controller for Serato DJ software, but this time it is totally aimed for use on the Rekordbox DJ software. This means that this is the entry-level DJ controller for Rekordbox but it also has a few new features from its Serato counterpart including separate transport controls that mimic the Play/Pause and Cue buttons on their popular XDJ/CDJ lineup. Check out the quick Pioneer DJ Tutorial Videos after the jump to see the features of the DDJ-RB up close and personal.