Review: Master & Dynamic MW50+ Wireless Headphones

The new M&D MW50+ Bluetooth headphones are great for both DJ and personal use.
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Master & Dynamic headphones always combine excellent construction and great sound quality, and the M&D MW50+ headphones are no exception, with 4.1 wireless Bluetooth capability and an internal battery that lasts 16+ hours.

The headphones have an all-aluminum/steel body and joints featuring premium leather around the headband and ear cushions. In addition, the MW50+'s come bundled with both on-the-ear and over-the-ear cushions so users can enjoy their listening experience regardless of their listening environment.

The MW50+'s include an audio cable for passive mode, a charging cable, a carry pouch, and a leather case to carry the ear cushions that are not currently in use.  

Watch our in-depth review and unboxing videos below to see if the MW50+'s are the next headphones that you need in your DJ bag.


  • Great Build Quality (Steel/Aluminum/Leather) 
  • Lightweight & Comfortable 
  • Bundled with On-Ear & Over-Ear Leather Cushions
  • Excellent 4.1 Bluetooth AptX connectivity with over 16hrs Battery Life
  • Smooth sound with clear Highs/Mids & Deep Bass (little rumble)


  • Not Compact for Travel & Storage
  • Price ($400)



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