Review: Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 Rekordbox Controller

Watch our video review to find out why the DDJ-400 is our new favorite beginner DJ Controller.
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The new Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 is the latest entry-level controller to be bundled with the full out Rekordbox DJ software. The price tag on the DDJ-400 is $250, but the product has a lot of bells and whistles that other beginner DJ controllers don't have.  

The DDJ-400 has a very similar layout that can be found on the bigger separate Pioneer DJ setups in DJ booths around the world. This will likely make it easier for someone who uses the DDJ-400 to be able to transfer their skills over to a professional gear setup.

Watch our in-depth review and unboxing videos below to see if the Pioneer DDJ-400 is a good beginner DJ controller to start off your own DJ journey.


  • Excellent Price & Value! (Only $250 with FULL Rekordbox Software)
  • Small/Compact with Flagship Nexus Gear Style layout
  • 8 Performance Pads Per Deck
  • Built-in Software Tutorial for Beginner


  • No Traditional DJ Controller Effects Controls/Modules
  • Rubber Performance Pads Click (Rapid hits sometimes miss)



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