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Review: Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5BT Headphones

Let's unbox and review the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5BT Bluetooth DJ Headphones.
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The Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5BT headphones can be used in both the DJ booth for monitoring and for normal everyday use with the Bluetooth wireless capability. While they come in at an excellent price point, they lack the durability of true professional headphones that some DJ's need.

The Pioneer HDJ-X5BT headphones are available in three different color variations—white, black, and red—and come bundled with a USB charging cable and a coiled cable for DJ use. The Bluetooth battery lasts for a full 20 hours on a three-hour charge. Once the battery is depleted, users can use the coiled cable to keep the music playing in passive mode.  

The Pioneer HDJ-X5BT have an over-the-ear design, which is great for isolation and low leakage. 

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Watch our unboxing and review videos below, as well as our review summary for the full rundown on the newest Pioneer DJ Headphones.


  • Low cost (only $149)
  • Durable flex headband
  • Solid 20-hour Bluetooth/wireless battery life
  • Ability to swivel/twist/fold for different monitoring styles and storage


  • Almost all plastic/cheap construction
  • Badly distorts at high DJ gear volume



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