Review: Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR All-In-One DJ System

Let's unbox and review the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR All-In-One DJ System.
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The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR is the latest entry-level all-in-one DJ System that allows DJ's to perform without the use of a separate computer. The retail price point on the XDJ-RR is $1,100 but seems light on flagship style features.

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR has a high resolution, full-color screen that shows all of the necessary information including the track library, track waveforms, effect selections, and more. 

The XDJ-RR also has a low-latency crossfader and jog wheel combo so that DJ's can pull off some cool scratch tricks.

Watch our unboxing and review videos below, as well as our review summary for the full rundown on the new hardware.


  • Lowest cost for an all-in-one standalone DJ device
  • Bundled with Rekordbox DJ for computer playback
  • Familiar Pioneer DJ flagship style layout
  • A large hi-res color screen shows all necessary info


  • Too expensive for minimal features and cheap plastic construction
  • Only "hard and clicky" four performance buttons per deck
  • No booth output



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