Review: RANE TWELVE Turntable Controller

Let's unbox and review the RANE TWELVE Serato DJ Turntable Controller.
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The RANE TWELVE is the only Serato DJ Turntable Controller that is perfect for DJ's who want to perform with turntables but don't want all of the hassle and difficulties of a traditional vinyl setup. The RANE TWELVE is also an excellent alternative for Serato DJ's who are looking for great performance and superb build quality.

The RANE TWELVE has an all steel metal chassis, a super high torque direct drive motor, and a cool touch-strip to handle the hot cue and track search duties.

Watch our unboxing and review videos below, as well as our review summary for the full rundown on the new hardware.


  • Heavy duty build quality
  • Excellent direct drive motor and platter combo
  • Classic 1200 or super-OEM high torque motor performance
  • Sturdy tempo fader
  • Touch-strip for track search and hot cues


  • Can't play traditional vinyl records
  • Prefer rubber hot cue buttons over touch-strip



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