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Digital DJ Pool Celebrates Relaunch by Offering DJBooth Readers 20% Discount

"We've launched new social and data-driven features for DJs, labels, and artists."
DigitalDJPool Relaunch

Today, DJBooth is excited to announce a partnership with Digital DJ Pool in celebration of their re-launch. 

Digital DJ Pool is an online music pool with a heavy social component to keep DJs, labels, and artists connected in ways that you cannot find on standard social media platforms.

While there are other online music pools, few allow as many customization options as Digital DJ Pool. This means that DJs can curate and iron out their personal brands, and strengthen their connection with their fans right on-site. You can follow and communicate directly with labels and other DJs, building a critical artist network.

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Digital DJ Pool is simply the best way to break new songs and connect DJs with other artists and labels. The platform also features a robust analytics section, allowing you to really study and hone in on your numbers. Most notably, Digital DJ Pool allows you to see where and how your music is spreading, giving you the opportunity to use that information to improve your sets and sharpen your DJ skills.

Per Matthew Kearney, CEO and Co-Founder:

"Our goal is to continue innovating in our space, and we felt that there was a lot of room for improvement in what record pools were offering DJs. We've launched new social and data-driven features for DJs, labels, and artists, that are not available elsewhere. Our DJs benefit from the social features and customization that you'd expect from a modern platform, and record labels and artists gain valuable insight from tastemaker DJs."

DJBooth readers who sign up for Digital DJ Pool before May 1, 2019, can save 20%. Click here for more details.



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