Denon DJ SC5000M Prime: Review

Watch our review for the new Denon SC5000M motorized platter edition player.
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Denon DJ has released the motorized platter version of its flagship media player called the SC5000M Prime. 

This new deck has all of the features of the original SC5000 Prime—including the eight RGB backlit pads on the bottom to control the hot cues, samples, slicer, and loops—as well as a full color touch screen display (adding a direct drive motor), metal platter, and real piece of 7-inch vinyl for DJ's who need that true turntable feel. 

Watch our full video review above, our unboxing video below, and a review summary to see if the SC5000M PRIME will make you #ChangeYourRider...

Unboxing Video


  • Great Build Quality
  • Near Perfect 7-inch vinyl feel
  • Excellent High-Torque Motor & Metal Platter
  • Gorgeous Touchscreen
  • Eight RGB Backlit Performance Pads
  • Dual Deck Layers Performance
  • Multiple Playback options (3xUSB Ports, SD Card Slot, MIDI Controller)


  • No Serato DJ support
  • Small jog wheel screens are gone
  • No toneplay or keyboard mode for the performance pads



Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Walkthrough [Video]

The Denon DJ SC5000 player will be at this year's NAMM show and I'll be there next week to give you a full rundown of the features. This new deck has eight RGB backlit pads on the bottom to control the hotcues, samples, slicer, and loops along with a full color touch screen display and a central display on the jog wheel that shows the current track's artwork and needle position. Check Guitar Center breakdown and walkthrough video to see more on the new SC5000.


Denon DJ Prime Setup @ Dancefair 2017 [Video]

We were on hand at the NAMM 2017 show earlier this year and got a sneak peak at the full Denon DJ Prime setup which includes turntables, new decks, and a dope four channel mixer. The Denon DJ Prime setup was back in action and in public at Dancefair 2017 where DJ's finally got to put their hands on the new gear and see just how good it performs in person. Check out the quick video, then our full NAMM 2017 Denon DJ Prime coverage videos after the jump.