Numark Scratch Serato DJ Mixer: Review

Watch our review video of the Numark Scratch Serato DJ Mixer
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The Numark Scratch is a two-channel DJ mixer that has a USB soundcard that works with Serato DJ Pro. As such, it also comes bundled with the Serato DJ Pro Software. The Numark Scratch has effects paddles that can trigger Serato DJ effects like other much more expensive two-channel mixers on the market today.

The Numark Scratch Mixer has four backlit pads for each channel to control hot cues, samples, and loop rolls. Numark Scratch also has the new mini innofader as the crossfader, so you already know its adjustable and buttery-smooth and perfect for pulling off those harder scratch combos.

Numark priced the mixer at $499 which will make it a big hit with any aspiring Serato scratch DJ and those who need an additional mixer for different sessions.


  • Durable metal construction
  • Excellent price ($499)
  • Comes bundled with the full Serato DJ software
  • Innofader MINI crossfader
  • Serato effect paddles for triggering Serato DJ effects
  • Eight pads for hot cues, samples, and roll control


  • Does not come with Serato timecode (Noisemap) vinyl
  • No aux or "extra" inputs



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Last month we reviewed the Mixars DUO Serato DJ mixer and found that it was a great two-channel mixer for DJ's who want MIDI controls and a built in soundcard for Serato DJ without breaking the bank. This new cost-effective solution has good on-board effects controls for Serato DJ as well. We will explore the effects controls on the Mixars DUO mixer in our newest video after the jump.



Numark has just released their iPod enabled Four-Channel mixer which was introduced at NAMM earlier this year. The Numark iM9 offers DJ's who use iPods the ultimate integration between their MP3 players and their DJ setup. For a street price of $300, you get 10 on-board effects, four separate outputs, BPM track auto-sync, and a user replaceable crossfader (for something more scratch-worthy such as an Innofader or Pro-X-Fader). Details and Press Release inside.