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Reloop SPIN Portable Turntable: Review

Watch our review of the new portablist turntable the Reloop SPIN.

The Reloop SPIN is the latest portable scratch turntable from Reloop. 

The device has an on-board crossfader, which can be swapped from left to right to accommodate different users. The additional slot allows for another fader for team performances or routines. 

The Reloop SPIN also has a start/stop button, a Bluetooth audio device pairing option, multiple power options. It can record directly to a USB drive at the push of a button.



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Watch our full review and unboxing videos of the Reloop SPIN, then check out our review summary below for the full rundown on the latest Portablist scratch tool.  


  • Solid compact/portable construction
  • Two crossfader slots for versatility
  • Internal speaker is louder than other portable turntables
  • Advanced features: Built-in Bluetooth, USB recording, play/stop button
  • Dual headphone outputs (Mini & 1/4-inch)
  • Multiple power options (rechargeable batteries, USB power banks, outlet)


  • Terrible (almost useless) crossfader
  • Doesn't come with rechargeable batteries or power bank



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Entry-Level Reloop RP-2000USB Turntable [Video]

As turntables and vinyl seem to be hitting a new strides with newfound success in the DJ and consumer markets; the manufacturers who create these turntables are giving users options for all budgets and performance levels. Reloop has introduced a new video to accompany their new Direct Drive Entry level turntables with USB connectivity (for transferring a vinyl music library to the computer) called the RP-2000USB. These aren't the powerhouse Super-OEM RP-6000/7000/8000, but they cost less than half of those models and they can still get the DJ-job done at a lower cost.


[Video] Reloop RP-8000 & RP-7000 Turntables Announced

Reloop has just announced two brand new turntables at the BPM 2013 show this weekend that is sure to get vinyl and DVS users very excited. Introducing the Reloop RP-8000 MIDI hybrid turntable (above) and the RP-7000 high-torque turntables without the MIDI control. These new turntables have the familiar Super-OEM internal makeup with high torque direct drive motors while the RP-8000 adds a host of MIDI on-board control buttons and an encoder knob for DJ software mapping and control.


Reloop Releases RP-8000 Turntable Tutorial [Video]

The new Reloop RP-8000 Professional Hybrid MIDI DJ turntables sport some of the familiar Super-OEM turntable DNA including the same high-torque motor and tonearm with the additional features such as the digital Pitch LED display, eight rubberized MIDI pads, four MIDI layer buttons, and an over-sized encoder knob which can all be mapped to any MIDI compatible DJ software out on the market today. Reloop has just released a new three-part Tutorial Video Series to show the main features of the RP-8000.


Record Your DJ Mixes With Reloop Tape 2.0

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