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Adam Audio T7V Studio Monitors: Review

Watch our video review for the Adam Audio T7V Studio Monitor Speakers.

The Adam Audio T7V monitors are great powered speakers for home DJ or production use when creating beats. Each Adam Audio T7V has two separate internal amps that power each speaker, a 7-inch woofer, and their own proprietary flat ribbon style tweeter system that provides accurate reproduction of the higher frequencies. 

The Adam Audio T7V monitors come in at a great price point ($199.99) when compared to other popular monitor speakers. They have excellent build and sound quality and also perform rather well at higher volumes.

On-board frequency adjustments for low and high, and inputs for both XLR and RCA components, is a valuable feature, too.



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  • Excellent build quality. Very sturdy and solid
  • Great sound quality — crisp and detailed highs/mids and deep punchy bass
  • Good performance at high volumes
  • Low and high cutoff adjustment for different setups and room sizes
  • Great U-ART ribbon tweeter construction, look, and sound


  • No TRS (1/4-inch) input
  • No front bass ports or front controls/power indicators for easy access
  • Sound not super-flat for production.



NAMM 2011 - Mackie Loudspeakers and Studio Monitors

One of my final posts from the excellent NAMM 2011 show is from a well-known audio maker who is legendary when it comes to production gear and audio quality. Introducing the Mackie TH-12A and TH-15A Powered Loudspeakers in twelve-inch and fifteen-inch woofer configurations; and the Mackie MR5mk2 and MR8mk2 Powered Studio Monitors in five-inch and eight-inch woofer configurations. Having used Mackie speakers and monitors during countless sessions in the studio, I know that these speakers will more than likely live up to the hype and deliver leading-class sound quality and reliability. Press Release and Information inside.


DAS Audio Altea 712A Speaker: Review

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M-Audio BX Carbon Monitors

M-Audio has released a new line of powered monitor speakers that boast great looks, great sound, and great affordability. The new M-Audio BX Carbon series monitors come with bi-amplified internal power, separate XLR and quarter-inch inputs, woven kevlar woofers, and silk dome tweeters to match. These monitors are offered in three different woofer sizes which include the BX5 Carbon (5-inch), the BX6 Carbon (6-inch), and the BX8 Carbon (8-inch).


M-Audio M3-6 & M3-8 Active Studio Monitors Released

A few short weeks ago, M-Audio has announced the release of their new three-way active studio monitors called the M3-6 (with a 6-inch woofer) and the M3-8 (with an 8-inch woofer). These new monitors contain three separate amplifiers so that all three bands of the EQ range receive their own dedicated "clean" power for great sound reproduction.


Beyerdynamic Custom Studio Headphones Review

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M-Audio BXD3 Series Monitors [Video]

M-Audio has been making music production and studio gear with great features at a great price for a long time now. M-Audio is part of the InMusic Brands which also includes hallmark names in the industry such as Numark, Denon, Rane, Akai, and more. M-Audio has now released their newest monitors that are affordable and claim to have great sound quality as well.