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Kali Audio LP-8 Monitor Speaker: Review

Watch our review of the new Kali Audio LP-8 Monitor Speakers.
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The new Kali Audio LP-8 monitor speakers are great for DJ’s who like to practice their craft at home or for producers who need an affordable monitor with great sound quality.

The LP-8 speakers have a lightweight MDF construction, an 8-inch woofer for the lows/mids, and a 1-inch tweeter for the highs. The LP-8 has two internal D-class amplifiers to power the speaker. The LP-8 also has three different input options including RCA, TRS, and XLR to easily work with many different devices and setups.

The LP-8 has a unique set of dip-switches on the rear panel that allows the users to sculpt the sound depending on the environment and orientation that the speakers are set up in.  

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  • Well built MDF enclosure
  • Front-facing bass port
  • Dip switches to set EQ based on the environment
  • XLR, TRS, and RCA inputs
  • Very loud — great for a small DJ practice setup
  • Punchy deep bass & good high/mid clarity


  • The sound isn’t flat like Yamaha or expensive monitors



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