808 Audio Performer BT Headphones Review



808 Audio is a quality sound company that produces speakers and headphones for many different applications. 808 Audio recently released the new Performer and Performer BT (Bluetooth) Over-The-Ear headphones which were made by DJ's and for DJ's who want a good set of cans to take with them on the go and for the DJbooth. The Scratch DJ Academy also uses them to train their students in the DJ classrooms. Check out our quick rundown video review to see if they're a good fit for your own monitoring needs.

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Setup & First Impressions

The new 808 Audio Performer BT headphones have an all-metal design with both earcups that can swivel the full 180-degrees for one-ear monitoring. They also have an over-the-ear design for good isolation and comfortable earcups to seal nicely around the ears. The headphones have a very thin rubber pad at the top to fit on the head but it still feels comfortable for the size and weight of the headphones. The headphones come with a three-foot straight cable with an in-line mic and button for muting or answering calls. The earcups are actually suspended by a stretchable cable that attaches them to the all-metal headband. This is a pretty unique design and it allows the Performer headphones to freely land on the user's ears for a more "natural" fit.

The headphones also have Bluetooth so they can be paired to a smartphone or any other Bluetooth compatible device without the use of a cable. The Bluetooth function works great and the sound is just as loud as when they are connected with the cable. There are buttons on the side of the earcups to adjust the volume, mute, and change the currently playing track. The Bluetooth function is powered by an internal battery that can be recharged using the supplied MINI-USB cable. Charging takes about an hour for up to 15-hours of use. The fact that these can be used for DJ's on DJ gear with a cable, then used with a smart-device without a cable and using Bluetooth maket he Performer BT headphones a good double-duty set for all around use and needs.

In Conclusion, the 808 Audio Performer BT headphones have sturdy metal construction, optional bluetooth wireless operation, earcups that swivel 180-degrees and they are suspended from the headband by an elastic cable for comfort. They 808 Audio Performer BT headphones also have good sound quality with Elevated Bass and Highs with subdued mids for accurate beatmatching. On the downside, there is no carry case included for storage or transport and the durability of the earcup cable suspension system has not been tested, so we'll have to keep you posted on how long it lasts. Other than these minor gripes, the 808 Audio Performer BT headphones are a great option for DJ's who want both a headphone for DJ performances and to use with smart devices via the Bluetooth wireless operation without breaking the bank.


  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Optional Bluetooth Operation
  • Earcups Swivel 180-Degrees for One-Ear Monitoring
  • Earcups Suspended via Cable For Comfort
  • Good Sound Quality (Elevated Bass & Highs)


  • No Carry Case Included
  • Earcup Cable Suspension Durability?