808 Day! V-MODA + Roland Join Forces

Today is August 8th, which is also known as 808 day for Roland! 808 is the code for Roland's iconic drum machine that started a whole new wave of music and technology. Roland has announced today that it is partnering with V-Moda and all future V-Moda products will launch under the Roland umbrella. Check out the details of this new and exciting deal after the jump.

Today is August 8th, which is also known as 808 day for Roland! 808 is the code for Roland's iconic drum machine that started a whole new wave of music and technology. Roland has announced today that it is partnering with V-Moda and all future V-Moda Headphone/Speaker products will launch under the Roland umbrella. V-Moda will still continue to operate under its same name and leadership but will now have lots more resources at their fingertips to do even more than they could ever do on their own. I had the pleasure of personally meeting with V-Moda's Founder Val Kolton where he sat down and let me know the low-down on this new partnership.

V-Moda is my favorite headphone brand of them all. We reviewed their entire Headphone Lineup and every single rendition ended up as a great choice for DJ's and consumers alike. Be sure to check out all of our

V-Moda Headphone Reviews Right Here

to get a background on their products. Now onto the new Deal...

First off, V-Moda's team and company will still remain in tact, but they will now reside under the Roland Brand. Val and team will retain 30% of the company while Roland will get 70%. V-Moda will still have the same high quality headphone standards through all of their manufacturing and production.

Next, All warranties and customer support will still remain in-tact. The products will be approved and checked by Val himself to be sure that everything still has the same V-Moda quality and is still DJ and Producer friendly.

The partnership with Roland and V-Moda seems to be a great fit. Both parties are happy with the partnership and everyone's teams still remain intact. The Roland Drum and Keyboard products were missing their headphone counterparts, and now it seems that they have filled this void with V-Moda. Since they operate in separate space under the same "Music" Creation paradigm, it is a partnership that has lots of room for growth and opportunity. I was able to hear about and see some new V-Moda products that are coming out very soon under this new partnership and I'm sure DJ's and Pro-Consumers will be impressed with what is to come. Stay tuned for more on this development.

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V-Moda Crossfade Custom Headphones

The all new V-Moda headphones that infuse style with DJ functionality can now be customized to suit the users' needs even better than before. By simply going to the V-Moda website, buyers can now add a bit of customization to their headphones by choosing unique designs, colors, and wording. At a $200 competitive price-point, these are sure to be a big hit with everyone from advertising and promotion as well as DJ's who just want to make a statement. Details and Links inside.


Roland DJ-808

For 909 Day, Roland has announced a new DJ controller and sequencer/drum machine unit called the Roland DJ-808. This new professional level DJ controller will work perfectly with Serato DJ and has the familiar 8-pad sections with all the familiar modes and a new way to control the pitch in time functions for playback. The Roland DJ-808 also has a full featured 16 step sequencer with TR 909, 808, 707 and 606 drum racks built right in! There is also a VT voice changer as well. Check out the press release and more info inside.


Roland and V-MODA release M-100 AIRA headphones

VModa make great headphones. Always wanted to own one. Their headphones have won great awards, they are worn by some of the best DJs in the business. So it is not a big surprise with Roland establishing a partnership with them. This is what the SEO had to say: After testing countless headphones for the ultimate pair that accurately represented the music we created, we found V-MODA’s Crossfade M-100."


V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless Headphones Announced

V-MODA has just released their first wireless earbuds called the V-MODA Forza Metallo which have great sound, a wrap-around neck design, and many different fittings for the ears to fit each user just right. V-MODA has taken their headphone expertise to make high quality in ear buds with superior construction CNC aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum with 3D custom handcrafted caps.


[Video] V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Accessories

My favorite DJ headphones of all time just keep getting better and better. V-Moda has unveiled the new BoomPro Hi-Fi detachable professional microphone, the new CoilPro Performance DJ cable that extends the reach of the headphones up to 12 feet, and new XL Memory Cushion earpads for even more comfort and better sound isolation. These accessories are now available at V-Moda or at Amazon and they make perfect companions for the V-Moda M-100 headphones that we recently reviewed or for many other compatible DJ headphones. We have all three accessories in the Lab and we have a cool new product feature video to breakdown every accessory in-depth.


V-MODA Remix Headphone Amp & BT Speaker [Video]

V-MODA has just announced a new product called the V-MODA Remix which is a combination of a Bluetooth speaker and a Headphone Amplifier that works perfectly with their excellent line of headphones. The V-MODA Remix is also the first 3D-Printed Fully Faceted Custom Product with Hi-Fi Sound Quality. The body of the Remix can be fully customized to fit the style of the user.