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Allen & Heath Xone:43C Mixer Review

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Allen & Heath has just released the new Xone:43C mixer which has the great iconic A&H filters and sound quality but also has an internal USB soundcard for Digital Vinyl System playback and an X-Link port to connect other A&H DJ controllers like the K1 or K2. Check out our full video review for the complete rundown of the new Xone:43C mixer after the jump.

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Review Video & Demo

Unboxing Video

Setup & First Impressions

The new Xone:43C mixer has all of the analog goodness of the 43 including the iconic Filters and great sound quality but also adds a USB soundcard for DVS playback and an X-Link port to connect other Allen & Heath Digital devices such as the K1 or K2. The Xone:43C will work with DVS timecode setups like Virtual DJ and Mixvibes right out of the box whereas Serato DJ users must purchase the Serato DJ Club kit to unlock the Serato DJ DVS timecode feature on the Xone:43C mixer.

The Xone:43C has a solid metal chassis and all metal posts under the knobs for great durability and longevity. Just as with the Xone:23C we reviewed earlier, the Xone:43C has excellent sound quality and great high and low pass filters that A&H users have grown to love. Check out the full HD-Video review above for all of the in-depth features and functions of the Xone:43C...

Conclusion / Recommended For

In Conclusion, the Xone:43C Mixer has the solid build quality and excellent sound quality and filters that all the other Xone products exhibited in the past. The Xone:43C gives users four channels of mixing goodness along with an additional Auxiliary RCA input for additional device connectivity. The Internal DVS-Capable USB soundcard works great with Serato DJ, mixvibes, VirtualDJ, and other software. On the downside, the Crossfader is not MIDI enabled for things like Video DJing and the crossfader is also not great for accurate scratching. The crossfader is replaceable via the MINI Innofader for an additional fee, but it would have been nice to get a scratch worthy fader out of the box. Other than the small gripes with the crossfader, the Xone:43C is an excellet digital USB soundcard mixer which is a solid performer for any four-channel DJ needs.


  • Solid Build Quality
  • Excellent Sound Quality & Filters
  • 4 Channels + AUX Device Connectivity
  • Internal DVS-Capable USB Soundcard
  • Serato DJ DVS Upgrade Compatible


  • Crossfader Not MIDI Enabled or Accurate For Scratching



New Allen & Heath Xone:43C Mixer [Video]

Allen & Heath has just announced that they are releasing a Digital USB version of the Xone:43 analog mixer which will be dubbed the Xone:43C. The new Xone:43C mixer will sport all of the analog goodness of its sibling including the iconic Filters and great sound quality along with adding a USB soundcard for DVS playback and an X-Link port to connect other Allen & Heath Digital devices such as the K1 or K2.


Allen & Heath Announces Xone:23C Mixer [Video]

Allen and Heath have just announced a new Mixer to their Xone lineup called the Xone:23C. This new mixer is essentially the new Xone:23 mixer with three new additions which include an internal USB DJ soundcard with two-Deck DVS capabilities, Mixvibes LE software, and an X:Link connector to easily link to other Allen & Heath Xone:K series controllers.


New Allen & Heath Xone:43 Mixer

Allen & Heath keeps analog DJ's alive with the release of the new Xone:43 mixer. The Xone:43 mixer is a basically like a four channel version of the Xone:23 that we recently reviewed late last year. The Xone:43 is loaded with four phono and line RCA inputs, am XLR microphone input, headphone outputs, FX send/return, and separate Booth/Record/Master outputs.