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Behringer B212D Powered Speaker Review

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The Behringer EUROLIVE speaker lineup is quite a versatile bunch. With over 20 speaker models and setups to choose from, its hard to know where to start. Behringer decided to send us a set that DJ's and performers would use to bump their gigs and routines. Introducing the Behringer B212D two-way 12-inch powered speaker system. These speakers are very compact and lightweight and perfect for mobile DJ's on the go. They also would benefit DJ's on a budget or those living in tight spaces as these speakers can fit almost anywhere. Check out my Full-HD video review after the jump.

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Review Video & Demo

Setup & First Impressions

The Behringer EUROLIVE speaker lineup is a fairly new range offered to the masses by the familiar Pro-Audio and DJ company that promises to deliver on price and in performance. The lineup of EUROLIVE speakers is very expansive and covers passive (non-amplified) and active (amplified) speaker systems in different wood or Molded ABS cabinet configurations. There are different shapes and sizes to choose from ensuring there is something here for everyone. Behringer is known for making equipment for the budget-minded user but their latest equipment has also exhibited a higher level of quality which also carries over to the EUROLIVE speaker lineup. For the purposes of this review, we will take a closer look at the new Behringer B121D 12-inch powered two-way speaker system which is also available in a 10-inch and 15-inch version. Please check out our full Video Review of the new Behringer B1500D-PRO 15-inch powered subwoofer which is a perfect match for these 12-inch 2-way speakers found in this review.


The Behringer B212D 12-inch Powered two-Way Speaker system has decent power with a Class-D amplifier that exudes 550 watts of peak power. The built in Class-D amplifier was relatively quiet compared to other powered speaker systems in its price-point. The amplifier is a great match for the 12-inch long-excursion driver and the 1.35-inch aluminum-diaphragm compression driver for the crispy highs. The power remained smooth and steady for our 2.5-hour stress test. The testing procedure was to operate the two-way speaker system at 50% power or more with all types of different music being played.



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The speaker system reproduces excellent high range and mid range frequency coverage with nice crispy highs and clear/legible mids. These are perfect for monitoring situations. The low frequency handling of the B212D was somewhat of a mixed bag. The Lows were handled nicely on the lower end of the volume spectrum, but when levels went beyond the 70% range, there was more feedback and hum than I would have liked. There really is no 12-inch speaker that will deliver super-vibrant bass, since that’s what subwoofers are for. Overall, the bass handling would be adequate enough for most small-sized gigs and definitely enough for a studio and home type of setup. The Behringer B212D was an excellent companion for the new Beringer B1500D-PRO subwoofer that we reviewed simultaneously. This is the best combination for full bass reproduction. Throughout our testing, we never hit the LIMIT of the system and the performace was right on par with others in the same price range.

The Behringer B212D powered two-way 12-inch speaker system also has a few unique features around the back of the unit. There is an XLR input and a separate quarter-inch input at the top which can be used for Microphones or any other type of device that plays music. There is also an XLR output to chain speakers together. There is a Level knob to adjust the volume of the inputs along with a 2-band (high & low) EQ konbs to get the perfect levels throughout the performance. The cabinet itself is made of a heavy-duty Molded ABS material with great ergonomics and construction that was built to last. The speaker has a trapezoid shape that can be employed when laying them down on their side for stage performances. There is also a 35mm pole mount on the bottom and recessed handles on both sides for easy transport. The cabinet size of these 12-inch speakers is a lot smaller than most others on the market which makes them easier to move around and easier to fit into tight spaces. There is also a front grill for protection and they can be stacked on top of one another if necessary. The feet on the bottom will fit perfectly into the molds found on the top.

The only minor gripes that I could find with the Behringer B212D is that the bass handling. The Bass was adequate enough for monitoring and lower level situations, but those who want real deep bass should go with the 15-inch models that have a larger cabinet area to allow the bass to resonate a bit more. The Behringer B1500D-PRO powered subwoofer would also make a PERFECT companion for these two-way speakers and provide a full spectrum of sound for those bigger performance venues.

In conclusion, the Behringer B212D is a great all-around two-way 12-inch Powered Speaker system that is versatile, powerful, and very ergonomic. This 550 watt system delivers some decent power with great high and mid frequency response. The Behringer B212D speakers have more than enough power for almost any small to medium sized club, bar, or Mobile DJ application and the price is very competitive. recommends the Behringer EUROLIVE B212D to beginner/intermediate DJ’s or performers who need a nice and compact powered-speaker solution to suit most monitoring needs.


  • Excellent Pricepoint ($230)
  • True 550 Watts Peak Amplified speaker system
  • Ergonomic Construction: (Lightweight/Compact ABS Molded Cabinet with handles, pole mount, trapezoid design, and stackable)
  • Great Sound quality
  • On-board 2-band EQ
  • 1/4-inch and XLR Inputs and Link XLR output


  • Low Bass Handling at Higher Volumes (75%+)



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