Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless Headphones Review

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Beyerdynamic has sent us a set of Aventho Wireless to see how we feel they work for the Pro Consumer market. These headphones are not the best for DJ or Studio use, but they really standout when used with smartphones, tablets, computers, or any other everyday listening needs. The Aventho Wireless have a 30-hour Bluetooth battery life, crisp sound, and a good metal and leather Industrial style construction. Check our our review and unboxing videos along with the review summary below to see our thoughts.

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Review Video & Demo

Unboxing Video


  • Nice Industrial Design & Sturdy Construction
  • Good and Comfortable fit for Long Sessions
  • GREAT Sound Quality (Crisp, Clear, and loud)
  • Custom Sound Tailored to User's Hearing (MIY App)
  • Excellent Bluetooth Performance & Battery Life


  • Not Good for DJ/Studio Use
  • Way Overpriced



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