CTRLCAP Lets You Add Creativity With Your Fingertips

The replacement fader that sends MIDI signals wirelessly.

The CTRLCAP is a replacement fader that lets you adjust effects on your DJ software by squeezing or pinching it, allowing us to replace the fader on our mixer or DJ controller, and making it a first in fader cap innovation. The CTRLCAP works by sending MIDI signals wirelessly to a receiver connected to your laptop, enabling a user to control effect parameters and volume. It also can be used with your smartphone and lighting software as well.

Today, it is known as the first connected fader cap to do such. Designed to work on both 4mm and 8mm shaft crossfaders, with built-in pressure sensors and wireless transmission through Bluetooth (16 MS) and MIDI (2 MS) signals, it is compatible with many software, such as  Ableton, Serato, and Traktor. The CTRLCAP is able to send multiple MIDI controls simultaneously, and you can use up to 3 CTRLCAP’s with the same USB receiver. Along with the CTRLCAP, you have access to control the sensitivity in every FX using the Cap Companion. This Cap Companion allows you to align your FX settings in preference to your style. This free software with the CTRLCAP will help avoid unwanted triggering of FX in the middle of a set, by setting thresholds, pitch range, and release time for optimal results.

For scratch DJs who want to minimize hand movements and maximize routine performance, producers who want to add a unique tool to their workstation, or portablists who need more onboard control, the CTRLCAP may be answer .This piece of equipment is available now for shipping at $129 US. Check the CTRLCAP website for even more info.



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