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Deloop Sport Headphone Bag Review



The same team that is responsible for my personal favorite DJ Jetpack Backpack has now introduced a line of premium headphone bags to protect and carry premium DJ headphones. Orbit Concepts has released the Deloop lineup of headphone bags. The Deloop bags come in four different models, but the OC team has sent us the Deloop Sport bag to put it through the paces. Check out our full video review to see how they hold up.

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Setup & First Impressions

The Orbit Concepts Deloop headphone bags are a great solution for DJ's who need to carry and protect their headphones or for any individual who wants to bring their headphones and other items with them on day to day trips. The Deloop headphone bags can be looked upon as lifestyle type accessories to hold everything in one's wallet/purse including bigger headphones, business cards, and ID.

The Deloop bags are also be perfect for those Performing DJ's in the clubs that only show up with USB thumb drives for Rekordbox control and a pair of headphones. Conversely the Deloop bags can also be used to protect headphones from any scrapes or bumps after they are placed into an even larger DJ bag with other DJ items for those who bring more than just USB sticks. The Deloop headphone bags come in four different models including the Sport ($70), Audiophile ($80), Deluxe ($138), and Deluxe Quilted ($138).



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The Deloop Sport can hold mostly all the DJ headphones that I've ever reviewed and is made up of ballistic nylon on the front and rear panels and a nice soft leather material on the sides. The Deloop Audiophile is the same as the Sport, but it is even wider to hold the biggest of headphones and even more additional items. The Deloop Deluxe and Deluxe Quilted models are made up of beautiful Nappa Leather and are about the same size as the Sport model.

***Watch the full Video Review above for the features of the Deloop Sport Headphone Bag***

In Conclusion, the Deloop Sport headphone bag by Orbit Concepts is a great solution for DJ's who want a premium bag to protect and transport their premium headphones and other DJ accessories all in one solution. The Deloop Sport also makes a great bag for anyone who cares about their sound experience and wants to protect their headphone investment in style. The Deloop Sport isn't too bulky, so it's a great solution for carrying their headphones, smartphones, chargers, and cables. The Deloop Sport also has great overall construction with waterproof zipper enclosures, metal feet, and good craftsmanship throughout. On the downside, the Deloop Sport is a little pricey at $70, so the headphones that are being protected would need to cost considerably more than that to warrant the purchase.

We at are going to recommend the Deloop Sport headphone bag to anyone who wants adequate protection and a cool way to transport their premium headphone investment. Be sure to check out the Orbit Concepts Website for more information on this and more of their DJ bags and accessories.


  • Great Protection for Most DJ Headphones
  • Good to transport Headphones & Accessories
  • Good overall construction


  • Expensive