Denon DJ PRIME Setup Unboxing Video

Peep our unboxing video of the Massive Denon DJ Prime Setup!

Today we have a special unboxing video that includes all the components that make up the entire Denon DJ PRIME setup.  Watch our massive unboxing and first impressions video of the Denon SC5000 player, VL12 turntable, and the X1800 mixer as we anticipate the separate review videos of each component, coming soon!  


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Denon DJ X1800 PRIME Mixer Overview [Video]

We were right in the thick of the Denon DJ lounge area at the NAMM 2017 show two weeks ago where we got our exclusive look and walkthrough video of their new powerful PRIME lineup. The device that didn't get much attention is the Denon DJ X1800 PRIME mixer that has 4-channels, on-board effects, dual-USB ports for easy changeovers, an OLED display & touch controls for effects and more.


Denon Engine Prime Software Intro [Video]

The new Denon DJ PRIME setup is shipping this week to all retailers. The PRIME setup includes the new SC-5000 players and the X1800 mixer which works on the Denon proprietary software. In order to catch everyone up to speed with the new software that the system works with, they've posted a new youtube video that shows everyone the ins and outs of the Denon Engine PRIME software. Check out the quick video to see the possibilities of the new setup.


Denon DJ VL12 PRIME Turntable Review

Watch our In-Depth review of the Denon DJ VL12 PRIME Turntables!


Denon DJ X1800 PRIME Mixer Review

Watch our in-depth review video of the new Denon DJ X1800 PRIME Mixer!


NAMM 2018: Denon DJ PRIME X1800 & SC5000 Updates Walkthrough Video

Watch our NAMM 2018 Denon DJ PRIME Series Updates Walkthrough Video


Denon DS1 Serato DJ Unboxing [Video]

The new Denon DS1 is a Serato DJ Digital Vinyl Interface and soundcard that will allow DJ's to connect turntables and CD decks to an analog DJ mixer for full Serato DJ playback using noisemap (timecode) vinyl or CD's. The DS1 comes bundled with the full Serato DJ software and two timecode vinyl & CD's for only $300. This is great news for Serato DJ users as now there is another soundcard interface that can be purchased for less than the Rane SL offerings that tend to get really expensive really fast. Check out the quick unboxing & first impressions video of the Denon DS1 after the jump.