Denon DJ VL12 PRIME Turntable Review

Watch our In-Depth review of the Denon DJ VL12 PRIME Turntables!


Denon DJ has officially released their new top-tier DJ turntable called the VL12 PRIME. The new VL12 is not your run-of-the-mill or everyday Super-OEM turntable like all the other brands. This is a totally new Denon DJ designed turntable from the ground up which makes it unique to the DJ realm. The VL12 has a super-high-torque direct drive motor, adjustable pitch ranges, isolation feet, RGB lighting, and professional-grade metal construction.

The Denon DJ VL12 has an S-Shaped tonearm and a play/pause button that looks like the same button found on their flagship DJ controllers and SC5000 player. The Denon DJ brand is really starting to take shape with offering very high quality products for working and Club DJ's that is sure to give a decent challenge to Pioneer DJ's dominance. We will have the X1800 mixer and SC5000 player reviews released soon in the lab for the full out review so stay tuned for much more and see the full Review Summary and Review Video below for more info on the new VL12 turntable.

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Review Video & Demo

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  • Super-Sturdy Metal Build Quality
  • High Torque Instant Start Motor (Hi-Low Torque Adjustment)
  • Platter Ring LED with RGB Color/Brightness Controls
  • Pitch Range/Reset Buttons
  • Good Pitch/Tempo Fader feel
  • 2 different Target Light options


  • No Brake Speed Adjustment
  • No Internal RCA Ground or Line Level Pre-Amp



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Denon DJ Prime Setup @ Dancefair 2017 [Video]

We were on hand at the NAMM 2017 show earlier this year and got a sneak peak at the full Denon DJ Prime setup which includes turntables, new decks, and a dope four channel mixer. The Denon DJ Prime setup was back in action and in public at Dancefair 2017 where DJ's finally got to put their hands on the new gear and see just how good it performs in person. Check out the quick video, then our full NAMM 2017 Denon DJ Prime coverage videos after the jump.