Denon DJ X1800 PRIME Mixer Review

Watch our in-depth review video of the new Denon DJ X1800 PRIME Mixer!


We were right in the thick of the Denon DJ lounge area at the NAMM 2017 show two weeks ago where we got our exclusive look and walkthrough video of their new powerful PRIME lineup. The device that didn't get much attention is the Denon DJ X1800 PRIME mixer that has 4-channels, on-board effects, dual-USB ports for easy changeovers, an OLED display & touch controls for effects and a seriously good Utility Menu to change many mixer parameters. The Denon X1800 PRIME is also compatible with Serato DJ as long as the Club kit is purchased and applied. Check out our in depth review video to see our thoughts on this powerful club ready mixer.

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Review Video & Demo

Unboxing Video


  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Dual USB Ports for Multiple PC connections
  • Built-In Ethernet connections for Deck-Sync
  • Separate Filter & Sweep FX knobs for Each Channel
  • Extensive Effects section w/Screen for Editing
  • Utility Menu has LOTS of extra functionality


  • Hard to see Controls in Darkness/DJ Booth



Denon DJ X1800 Mixer Announced

Denon DJ has just announced a new flagship player the SC5000, and a new flagship direct drive turntable called the VL12, so its only fitting that they also announce their new flagship top-tier DJ mixer called the X1800. The new X1800 has four channels, on-board effects, dual-USB ports for easy changeovers, an OLED display for effects controls and more. Check out the full press release and more.


Denon DJ Prime Setup @ Dancefair 2017 [Video]

We were on hand at the NAMM 2017 show earlier this year and got a sneak peak at the full Denon DJ Prime setup which includes turntables, new decks, and a dope four channel mixer. The Denon DJ Prime setup was back in action and in public at Dancefair 2017 where DJ's finally got to put their hands on the new gear and see just how good it performs in person. Check out the quick video, then our full NAMM 2017 Denon DJ Prime coverage videos after the jump.