Denon DN-S3000 Review



The Denon DN-S3000 has many features found on the DN-S5000 but comes at a significantly lower price. It lacks the Alpha Track mode and multiple sampler but comes with Mp3 playback straight out of the box. Read the review for more info!

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Staff Review


Denon DN-S3000 CD Turntable

is a less expensive version of the DN-S5000 but retains many of the great features that distinguish it from other CD Turntables. The DN-S3000 still has the motorized 7 inch platter for vinyl-like control and sound manipulation. Also, like the DN-S5000, the S3000 comes with a powerful memory capable of storing seamless loop info, cue points, and pitch reference ect. for up to 5000 tracks. The pitch range is from +/-4% to +/-100% and includes key correction, allowing the tempo of the song to change without altering the sound of the lyrics. In order to warrant the lower price (about $200), the DN-3000 lacks some of the high-end features found on the more expensive S-5000. For example the 3000 lacks the Alpha Track mode which allows you to play two tracks simultaneously off the same CD and send them to different outputs. The DN-S3000 also lacks the Mirror Mix and Hot Disc functions. Other notable differences include 1 sampler instead of 2, and the ability to store less seamless loops and hot start points (1 rather than 4). However, these those features are really for the most demanding DJs and most DJs will be more than satisfied with the features the S-3000 has to offer. One positive feature the S-3000 has over the S-5000 is its ability to play MP3s straight out of the box, whereas the S-5000 requires a free downloadable software upgrade. Overall the DN-S3000 is a sturdy, well equipped CD Turntable and is backed by Denon's great customer support. Highly recommended by The staff.