Denon DN-X1600 Gets Traktor Scratch Certified

Denon DJ announces that its popular DN-X1600 Digital DJ Mixer has received Native Instruments™ TRAKTOR® SCRATCH PRO certification. “TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO”-certified products are premium-quality mixers with integrated sound cards that meet the highest standards for professional sound quality and seamless integration within a TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO setup. Details and Press Release Within.

Now that the Denon DN-X1600 mixer is Traktor Scratch Pro certified, users will be able to directly connect their analog turntables or Denon DN-S3700's direclty to the mixer using time-code control instead of using the external Audio 8 DJ interface; meaning less hardware and more features!

Full Press Release below:

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Traktor Scratch Public Beta

A new TRAKTOR SCRATCH public beta test is now open to all current Traktor Pro 2.6 users. This new beta version tests improvements to tracking alerts, resistance against record damage, high input warning and scroll-zone unresponsiveness. Native Instruments wants YOU to test the new TRAKTOR SCRATCH beta on your own DJ setup and help shape the future of the industry-leading vinyl and CD DJ timecode system. Enter to get the installer and sign up today.


NI Traktor Scratch Pro DUO...Review Coming soon

I just got word from the Native Instruments folks that the Traktor Scratch Pro DUO system is on its way to The Lab (my new DJ room) for review! The Traktor Scratch Pro DUO system is a new hardware & software package that allows DJ's to use their analog or MIDI decks to control their digital library all at an affordable price. I'll be bringing you a short un-boxing and product setup video as well as a full written and video review very soon...


Traktor Scratch Duo Un-boxing Video

As promised earlier, we are bringing the audience of the video of the un-boxing (unpacking) of the Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Duo System. Find out everything that comes with this system and get a chance to see it all as it is being opened for the first time, Live on camera by me, DJ BLAZE!......(Video Inside).


Denon DN-MC6000 With Mixvibes CROSS

Last year, we reviewed the new Denon DJ DN-MC6000 All-in-one Digital DJ controller with four channels and four decks of control. The unit originally came with a version of Virtual DJ and we completed our full Video Review using Traktor Pro 2. Now, Denon DJ has announced that the ever-popular DN-MC6000 will now work in perfect harmony with the Mixvibes CROSS DJ Software. The Mixvibes CROSS is the newest Digital Vinyl and MIDI DJ software that boasts more than enough power and features for any DN-MC6000 users. Check out the press release inside.


Traktor Scratch A6 Unboxing/First Impressions Video

I was cruising around the Native Instruments Traktor website recently and discovered that we reviewed each and every single piece of Traktor DJ gear ever created...except for one. The new Traktor Scratch A6 Digital Vinyl System will allow users to connect up to two timecode vinyl or CD decks to the Traktor Pro 2.5 software to give users the ability to playback and manipulate digital files on their computer. The setup includes the full Traktor Pro 2.5 software, the Traktor Audio 6 interface, RCA cables, 2-timecode vinyl and 2 timecode cd's to get you on your way. Check out the video inside and stay tuned for the HD-Video review coming soon.