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Digital DJ Pool Top Ten Tracks

If you're looking for what's hot in hip hop this week, look no further. Consistently rated as one of the top record pools, Digital DJ Pool is here to provide you with the latest in what's hot in the music world

If you're looking for what's hot in hip hop this week, look no further. Consistently rated as one of the top record pools, Digital DJ Pool is here to provide you with the latest in what's hot in the music world.

This week's top downloads center around two of the most important aspects of the hip-hop scene: sex and money. From Sebastian Mikael's sprung serenade and promises of Louboutins to T-Pain and DJ Spinking's dirty images of getting it on, there's no denying women are in high demand. Not so concerned with the ladies? You must be about that money, then, according to 2 Chainz, Young Chris and a few of their boys.

  1. DJ ASAP ft Sage The Gemini, Baeza, Symba, TKR & Milla - Like That
    Like That" starts out with a mysterious beat then jumps right into Sage and his description of what he needs in a woman, and across the board that seems to mean a "bad lil mama" who "don't play.

  2. Sebastian Mikael ft Rick Ross - 4 U
    Just in case Sebastian's swooning and confession of love isn't enough to convince this lady he's the one, cue Rick Ross to remind her what else he's offering: money, condos and of course, shoes.

  3. Robin Thicke - Get Her Back
    Robin Thicke lost his high school sweetheart, Paula Patton, and he's wishing now more than ever that he kissed her longer, held her stronger and generally treated her better.

  4. Teedra Moses ft Rick Ross - All I Ever Wanted
    After spending time with a man who says he wants her but makes her feel like shit, Teedra has decided she's independent enough to do better, and instead of catering to her needs, Ricky chooses to brag about his money and what he can give her as a lover, never including the only thing she actually wants: love.

  5. Ne Yo ft Young Jeezy - Money Cant Buy
    Ne Yo and Young Jeezy both have a little bit of money, thanks to the music scene, but the only thing Money Can't Buy seems to be in a woman's eyes. Well, according to the song, anyway.

  6. 2 Chainz ft ASAP Rocky & Rick Ross - Crib In My Closet
    2 Chainz' newest, featuring A$AP Rocky and the ever-popular Rick Ross is a clever twist on the common rap claim to millions more dollars than you'll ever have.

  7. T Pain ft Lil Boosie, Kid Ink & BoB - Up Down Remix
    Following his original release of "Up Down," T-Pain again hooks up with B.o.B., this time bringing in Kid Ink and Lil' Boosie as well, to remix his ditty about how he likes his ladies to move.

  8. Young Chris ft Meek Mill - Dont Play
    Matched up with a simple but melodious beat, Meek Mill and Young Chris provide the perfect cadence of lyrical flow to produce a song that captures the attitude of hood dwellers and artists everywhere who experience the everyday struggle in the jungle.

  9. DJ Spinking ft ASAP Ferg, Tyga, Jeremih, & Velous - Adult Swim
    When DJ Spinking, ASAP Ferg, Tyga, Jeremiah and Velous get involved, Adult Swim quickly becomes a fiercely lubricated sex session instead of the group of adult-tailored cartoons we always thought it was.

  10. Mila J ft Ty Dolla Sign, Problem & Kirko Bangz - Smoke Drink Break Up
    However this relationship started out, it's gone so far downhill that the only way Mila J and her dude can stand each other is to get two on; we smoke, we drink or we break up.

*Editor's note: coming in late Sunday night was the latest from Drake, 0 To 100. This one is sure to be at the top of the charts by next week, so keep your eyes on it.



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-Shanna Gibbs, for Digital DJ Pool

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