DJ A-Trak Gotham Boogie [Video]

Check out this cool new DJ A-Trak performance video showing DJ's how its really done!

In the EDM scene, djing is seen as a different skill set as say someone with a hip hop or club back ground(sometimes). And in the whole festival craze, djing is seeing more as nothing more than push and play. Sometimes, it involves prerecorded sets. So, a while back a few turntablists termed the coin #realdjing to show the new crowd of people that what is djing is not what happens at the main stages at these festivals- performers making hand signs and waving there hands in the air. Atrak in particular has taken this to heart and has showcased something more of the culture to a new crowd of fans. And he has shared some of these instances for your viewing pleasure.

Gotham Boogie (Extended Version)Posted by A-Trak on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Gotham Boogie (Extended Version) captured by GoPro at Freaky Deaky! #REALDJING

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DJ A-Trak Magic 8-Ball Tour Dates

One of my favorite DJ's and a regular on our Turntablism Video Friday series, DJ A-Trak is making his way around the US to show off some new tracks (and I'm sure a few skills). He is officially on the Magic 8-Ball Tour along with Kid Sister and The Gaslamp Killer which is being sponsored by Scion. Check the press release inside for tour dates and to purchase tickets.


Numark TT250 USB DJ Turntable [Video]

Turntablism has seen somewhat of a resurgence in the last few years, also with more DJ softwares offering pretty advanced DVS systems. And there are great options from Super-OEMS to entry level, and Numark wants to bring something "in the middle-ground". The Numark TT250 turntable is just that and we have a quick demo video with DJ A-Smooth directly from Numark to show what they can do.


[Video] Scratch DJ Academy - Semester 10

The Scratch DJ Academy just celebrated their 10th Year Anniversary on January 15th, 2013 with heavy hitter DJ's such as DJ Qbert, ATRAK, and Kool Herc on hand in the NYC Scratch Academy to put their skills on display and show you what can be learned through the curriculum. The Scratch DJ Academy is the absolute best place to go if you want to learn how to DJ and produce music with hands-on experience, lessons, and advice directly from industry professionals and experts. Check out the video performances from the event and enrolling class information after the jump.


Turntablist Video Friday: DJ Tu-Ki

On this episode of Turntablist Video Friday, we have a very good show of all types of turntablist skills from DJ Tu-Ki. Watch DJ Tu-Ki go MAD on the turntables and show you all how to really lay it down for a set. Check out the video inside and let us know what you think!


DJ Cable - A Tribe Called Quest Video Mix

Good friend to and World Famous DMC Champion DJ Cable from the UK is back at work once again and this time he's released a really cool video mix of all the Tribe Called Quest Music Videos from over the years along with interviews of some very influential people in hip hop. Check out this mean video mix as DJ Cable scratches and remixes it up for all the masses to enjoy.