LINE6 has introduced a new powered speaker lineup for mobile DJ's and performers called the StageSource Smart Speakers. This new speaker lineup includes the L3t loudspeaker, the L3m monitor, and the L3s subwoofer. All of them have 1200-watts or more of internally tri-amped speaker system with a dual-braced tour-grade plywood enclosure combine to deliver astounding power and reliability. These speakers aren't cheap but their performance is starting to make people take notice. DJ Bassline decided to take the plunge and lets us know of his experience in the press release below. Check out the link below for more information on this new setup. Each piece will run you over $1000 so be prepared to open those wallets if you want quality!

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Mayorkun Is Afrobeats’ Trusted Prodigy

Signed to Davido, Mayorkun is one of Afrobeats’ fastest-rising stars. He breaks it down for Audiomack.


5 New Albums You Need to Hear This Week on Audiomack

Press play on new releases from Lakeyah, Larry June and Cardo, Cheque, Co Cash, and midwxst.


Joony Refuses to Be Complacent

Maryland native Joony is an unstoppable force in hip-hop. He breaks down his journey for Audiomack World.

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Mackie Dual-Woofer SRM750 and SRM2850 [Video]

The Mackie Brand keeps expanding their lineup of Thump Loudspeakers to offer users even more power and more versatility with every release. The new SRM750 and SRM2850 speakers both feature dual subwoofers in their enclosure for insane amounts of bass and they have a power boost with an internal amp capable of throwing out 1600 Watts of power! Watch the video, then head over to the Mackie website to see what these new world-class speakers can do.


Out Now: Alto Professional Black Series Speakers

About two short years ago, we reviewed the Alto Professional TS speaker lineup and we were happy to report that these speakers were great performers for the money. Now the Alto Professional team expands its range with their new top-of-the-line speakers called the Black Series. The new Alto Professional Black series two-way speakers come in 10-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch powered configurations and they all include wireless connectivity and an internal amplifier that's good for 1200 watts of continuous power.


Cerwin Vega P-Series Powered Speakers

Cerwin Vega has been making speakers for almost every application for decades. My very first pair of DJ speakers were Cerwin Vega 12's that my Dad passed down to me from the 70's. They thumped for another 20 years before I replaced them. Cerwin Vega has announced the new P-series Active (powered) PA speaker lineup that packs huge power while still being Portable for Mobile DJ use. Check out the press release and more information inside.


NAMM 2014: Cerwin Vega XD Desktop Speakers

At this year's NAMM show, Cerwin Vega has announced new additions to their desktop speaker lineup that would fit nicely into a compact studio or DJ setup. The Cerwin Vega XD Desktop speakers are all internally powered which are now offered in a new four-inch XD4 full-range, five-inch XD5 full range, and eight-inch XD8 powered subwoofer to add to the existing XD3 speaker offering. These speakers are nice and compact but still sport the same high-quality sound and bass characteristics that CV is known for.


NAMM 2012: Alto Professional Wireless Powered Speakers

Late last year, we brought you the full video reviews of the new Alto Professional TrueSonic line of powered speakers. We tested the powered 12-inch two-way speaker, the TS112A and the powered 15-inch subwoofer, the TSSUB15. Both pieces had very nice quality and great sound fidelity for the price they are sold. Now Alto Professional is introducing their TrueSonic Wireless loudspeakers that are meant to deliver great sound remotely from an iPhone, iPad, or other wireless devices. The TS112W (12-inch speaker) and TS115W (15-inch speaker) both come with 800 watts of class D power and can play from a wired or wireless source. More details inside.


Alto Professional Introduces Tourmax Series Speakers

Alto Professional, the new speaker company we introduced you to a few months ago, has announced their newest speaker line called the Tourmax Series. These new speakers are offered in lots of different configurations that are made to be linked together (using the Speakon NL4 jacks) to become a mighty powerful system. These speakers are perfect for performing DJ's since they are made of the most heavy duty materials with recessed handles and heavy-duty rubber feet. More details after the jump.