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DJ BLAZE Demo Video on the Korg KM-202 Mixer...

DJ Blaze puts it down on the Korg KM-202 (Kaoss Pad 2-channel mixer) over the Drake - Find your Love remix. This is just a short demo of what the Korg KM-202 mixer is capable of when spinnin' hip-hop and R&B. (Demo Video and Full Written review after the jump!)
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As I was preparing to write the Numark V7 review (VIDEO AND FULL WRITTEN REVIEW COMING SOON!!!), I was hit with a few questions regarding my day to day mixer; the Korg KM-202. As soon as I touched a Kaoss pad for the first time back in the 90's, I immediately fell in love! I longed for the day that I could put one in my setup. As time would pass, I totally forgot about the Kaoss pad until the new KM line of Korg mixers was launched. I was able to use a display model in a local Sam Ash and I almost felt sad leaving the store without it. Hence, two weeks later I had a new mixer and a new review assignment. Since the writing of the review last year, I have found some new features and I wanted to update the conclusion section with our new "pro's and con's" analysis instead of a raw score. So with all that being said, I thought this was the perfect time to release a short video demo and re-release our Korg KM-202 review! Its pretty hard to explain exactly what a Kaoss pad-powered mixer does, so it's just easier for me to show you! Also read our newly updated and Full written review:

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