DJ Expo 2008 - Denon Booth


In Atlantic City for the DJ Expo of 2008; everyone was looking forward to the three new products that Denon DJ had on full display! The newest products were the DN-HS5500, DN-HD2500, and the DN-HC4500. The Denon DN-HS5500 is their new flagship tabletop deck with a full-color display and the ability to playback files using hard drives or any other USB file device available.

The Denon DN-HS5500 actually has two separate outputs that allow the deck to work as two completely separate decks. All you have to do is press a button and the entire face of the unit will now control the other deck. So in essence you can mix and scratch and play your entire set using only one DN-HS5500 and a mixer!

You can even load your entire set onto a Flash drive and simply plug it into the deck and play separate songs from one single source. The unit also sports a full color display with awesome file navigation abilities.

The Denon DN-HD2500 is the dual rack mount version of the DN-HS5500 and it has an internal 40 gig Hard Drive. The Denon DN-HC4500 is also a dual rack mount device which also allow for USB interface for file playback and it is the perfect solution for club and mobile DJ’s worldwide! All of these products have internal soundcards, so what this means is that the user no longer needs a soundcard interface with computer drivers; instead the device itself uses one USB cable in order to access content on the fly.

Depending on your playing style, Denon now has a full line of USB compatible units that will definitely exceed your standards as a performing DJ. Whether you need full tabletop control of your scratches and mixes (Denon DN-HS5500) or if you are a mobile DJ who needs all of their music and gear in a nice little package (Denon-DN-HC4500); then Denon DJ has exactly what you need for 2008 and beyond!!!

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[Video] 2012 DJ Expo - Denon DJ Booth

The Denon DJ Booth had a GREAT showing at this year's 2012 Atlantic City DJ Expo at the Trump Taj Mahal hotel and casino. They had all of their controllers like the MC6000 and MC3000 on display with all flavors of software for DJ's to try them on. Also on hand was the SC3900 and SC2900 for DJ's to get the feel of. The SC2900 will not be released in the United States until October when I'll be sure to get a full review. Check out the booth coverage in the meantime to see how it looks in person!


Plethora of new Denon Products Announced at the 2010 DJ Expo

With the crew representin' at the 2010 DJ Expo of Atlantic City this week, we are bringing you a quick feature of some new Denon Products that we will show you better looks at on next week's DJ Expo Video coverage! For now, here are a few press releases and photos of the new DN-X600 (2-channel mixer), DN-SC2000 (Single MIDI Controller), and the DN-MC6000 (4-Deck MIDI Controller).


[DJ Expo 2017] Denon DJ Booth Walkthrough Video

We were on hand earlier today to kickoff the Atlantic City DJ Expo and we had a chance to check out the new Denon DJ Booth where they had all of their gear on display including the entire new Prime Setup that is taking the DJ realm by storm. The new VL12 turntables were a real fan favorite where everyone was using the X1800 Mixer to cut it up in Denon Engine software. Check out the video below to see the entire Denon DJ Booth if you couldn't check it out in person.


Denon DJ Booth - 2011 Atlantic City DJ Expo Video Coverage

Check out the official Video Coverage of the Denon DJ Booth at the 2011 Atlantic City DJ Expo at the Trump Taj Mahal. On-hand were the entire line of Denon DJ Products along with the new DN-MC6000 Controller, DN-S3700 & DN-S1200 Media Players, HC-1000S Controller, the DN-SC2000 Controller, and the entire lineup of DN-X-series Mixers. Watch the video inside.


2014 DJ Expo Booth Walkthrough [Videos]

This year's Atlantic City DJ Expo at the Trump Taj Mahal in my home state of New Jersey was a huge success and lots of fun! All of the announced DJ equipment was at the show in full working order for everyone to use before their potential purchase. We went to all of the big name pro gear manufacturer booths to bring you a quick video tour for those of you who couldn't make it to the event in person. Check out more of our video coverage for the 2014 DJ Expo inside.


DJ Expo 2016 - Denon MCX8000 [Video]

The flagship Denon DJ MCX8000 Controller is a monstrous DJ controller is sporting a solid metal chassis all around, dual hi-res screens for playback information, 16 RGB Backlit velocity sensitive performance pads, and full compatibility with Serato DJ when connected to a computer and Denon's Engine music management software so that DJ's can use this device without a computer. Check out our full Walkthrough video from the 2016 Atlantic City DJ Expo.