DJ Expo 2008 - Pioneer Booth


At the DJ Expo of 2008, Pioneer had the biggest and most technologically advanced booth in all the land. These guys had about 8 performing DJ’s, 20 flat panel displays everywhere, and huge crowds of DJ’s eagerly anticipating the new wave of DJ Video Gear produced by Pioneer DJ.

First of all, Pioneer had about 3 setups for DJ’s to come in and “tamper” with video DJing. They had their DVD players; the DVJ-1000’s, the DJM-800, and a 40” flat panel Display (seen below). I was super surprised at the emulation and Video scratching abilities that these units are capable of. Any scratch you can think of will show up on the video screen in real time without delay. They also had a triple screen display which allows you to see the video Mix before it actually goes live on the big screen. It’s almost like using your earphones to cue songs before allowing the audience to listen to it.

Below is pictured one of Pioneer’s newest controller/players; the MEP-7000. The unit includes a full-color display along with 2 front USB ports which allow users to import their entire DJ library directly into the units. These decks can read just about any type of CD or DVD-Rom you can think of. It also comes with Pioneer controlling software, but the user can use any software they would like. There is no need for timecoded CD’s as the decks do all the encoding internally. There are 4 different modes that these units use are: Browse – Allows you to Browse your library during playback (also shows titles, time left on the track, and it also allows the DJ to assign the track to any channel/side of the unit. Mix – Internally mix from one track to another using automix where the deck automatically beat matches the tracks. Effect – where you can use jog effects or scratch effects where the emulation is the SAME as the flagship uints the CDJ-1000. Utility – Selects brightness and setup MIDI for software and other properties of the device.

Also on display was their High powered audio and DJ Video Mixer, the SVM-1000 (pictured below). This Unit does so much that it would be impossible for me to cover it all. Pretty much this unit allows you to do anything you would need to do when Video DJing. You can see your Video Mix before you bring it in. You can add words or phrases to the screen in real time. You can hookup a keyboard to type and control the features of the mixer. You can Load JPEGs to the mixer and assign it to a channel and Mix the JPEGS into the video. You can link Video/Audio fading or make them act independently. This IS THE BEST MIXER FOR A VIDEO DJ PERIOD! If you are serious about switching to Video, then it is a no-brainer that Pioneer has EVERYTHING you need…and in top quality to boot!

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[Video] 2012 DJ Expo - Pioneer DJ Booth

Year in and Year out, Pioneer DJ has the biggest and best exhibit in all of the DJ Expo Land. This year, Pioneer has pulled out all the stops and even managed to give us some last-minute announcements that had me scrambling less than a week before the start of the show. Excellent marketing by Pioneer as everyone and their mother was seen at the Pioneer DJ Booth to try out the new DDJ-ERGO-Limited and the new XDJ-AERO which were all on display and ready for all DJ's to give them a try. Check out the entire exhibit video after the jump.


2014 DJ Expo Booth Walkthrough [Videos]

This year's Atlantic City DJ Expo at the Trump Taj Mahal in my home state of New Jersey was a huge success and lots of fun! All of the announced DJ equipment was at the show in full working order for everyone to use before their potential purchase. We went to all of the big name pro gear manufacturer booths to bring you a quick video tour for those of you who couldn't make it to the event in person. Check out more of our video coverage for the 2014 DJ Expo inside.


[Video] 2013 DJ Expo - Pioneer DJ Booth

Every year, Pioneer DJ has the biggest and best exhibit in all of the DJ Expo Land. This year, Pioneer has its entire new lineup of controllers, CDJ's, mixers, and speakers on-had for everyone to use and purchase. The new DJM-750 four-channel mixer was on display with a set of CDJ-850's. The platinum limited edition Nexus setup also made an appearance. The XDJ-R1, DDJ-SX, and S-DJ X speaker lineup were all setup and ready to go and we have an exclusive S-DJ X speaker walkthrough coming shortly.


DJ Expo 2016 - Pioneer DDJ-RZX [Video]

Pioneer DJ has announced its newest Flagship DJ controller for Rekordbox DJ called the DDJ-RZX and it was on the showroom floor at the Atlantic City DJ Expo 2016. We were able to get our hands on the unit and a quick walkthrough by Pioneer in the video inside. The new DDJ-RZX is a huge controller that has three high-resolution touch-screen displays which makes it perfect for the new Video DJ plug-in that is available on Rekordbox DJ. The DDJ-RZX is the first DJ controller to allow users to preview and playback video using the on-board screens while performing.


[Video] 2013 DJ Expo - Virtual DJ Booth

Virtual DJ was back at the Atlantic City DJ Expo this year with lots of different manufacturer controllers as almost all DJ controllers out there come with one version of VDJ or another. And as such, almost every manufacturer had their gear on display at the VDJ booth so that they can show how versatile the software truly is. There were Numark Mixtrack Quad controllers, Mixtrack Edge Controllers, Pioneer CDJ's, Stanton gear, and so much more. Oh and VDJ8 was there as well.


Pioneer DJ Booth - 2011 Atlantic City DJ Expo Video Coverage

Check out the official Video Coverage of the Pioneer DJ Booth at the 2011 Atlantic City DJ Expo at the Trump Taj Mahal. On-hand were the entire line of CDJ media players, DJM mixers, and their new Monitor Speaker Setups. There were a bunch of kiosks for people to choose from with a nice variety of gear combinations. The DJM-T1 Traktor Mixer was one of the most popular pieces while the DJM-2000 mixer and the all-white 350 system were visually stunning at the Pioneer DJ Booth. DJ Pulse was also on-hand to throw it down on the decks while we scoured the show floor. Full Video Inside.