DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ AM (R.I.P.) on the Wheels of Steel...(VIDEO)!

Inside, we have a DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ AM Collaboration Video where they put it down HEAVY over at the House of Blues in New Orleans just before the untimely death of DJ AM. <i>(Video Inside!!!)</i>
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Below, we have a DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ AM Collaboration Video where they put it down HEAVY over at the House of Blues in New Orleans just before the untimely death of DJ AM. DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of the pioneers of the Scratch DJ and is also accredited to inventing the Transformer scratch. He is mostly known as Will Smith's DJ and collaborator, but he has achieved many other great accomplishments such as being a multi-platinum recording artist and actor. DJ AM was an American Club DJ who was a member of the rock band Crazy Town, co-owner of a management company called Deckstar and worked on albums for Papa Roach, Madonna, and Will Smith, among others. When you put two super-power DJ's together, as is the case here, then you get awesome videos like the one below! Check it out and let us know what you think!

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DJ Jazzy Jeff Hosts Serato DJ Guitar Center Event [Video]

Last month on March 6th, Legendary hip-hop DJ Jazzy Jeff hosted a new Serato In-Store Experience Section unveiling at the Guitar Center store in Hollywood, California. This celebration was to open the new Serato Experience Section in the store as well as to show big-time DJ's from the LA area doing their thing on the decks. Check out the video of the full DJ Jazzy Jeff set from the event inside.


New DJ Jazzy Jeff Serato Vinyl Pressing [Video]

DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of the best DJ's in the World and one of the main reasons I started spinning on the turntables in the first place. Serato has always been supportive of the World Traveling (Vinyl Destination) DJ and they decided to create a new limited edition Jazzy Jeff vinyl pressing which includes a case that looks like the aluminum carry case that Jazzy Jeff would take on the road with him. The set comes with two Serato timecode vinyl for DJ's to use with Serato DJ.


RedBull Thre3Style 2015 Jazzy Jeff [Video]

This year, the RedBull Thre3style competition took place in Tokyo and through the eyes of the great DJ Jazzy Jeff, we get to relive some of the events that took place during the competition, with some words from the past winners and such. Check out the video rundown after the jump.


DJ Jazzy Jeff Presents Thre3Style 2014 [Video]

The RedBull annual Thre3Style DJ competition is probably the most versatile and premier DJ battle face-off that combines all of the top three skills that the World's best DJ exhibit. These three skills consist of song selection, technical skill, and the ability to rock a crowd. Check out this quick documentary video by none other than Legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff as he takes us all on the journey through the 2014 RedBull Thre3Style DJ Competition.


Turntablist Video Friday: DJ Angelo

On this episode of Turntablist Video Friday we have a very well-known DJ from the UK who not only can scratch, but he can rock the clubs and events just as shown in this video. He also has a few turntable tutorial youtube videos to show the novice players how to get their skills up in the DJ Game. If you like what you see here, hit him up on youtube via username DJAngeloUK. For now, Check out the video inside.


[Video] Scratch DJ Academy - Semester 10

The Scratch DJ Academy just celebrated their 10th Year Anniversary on January 15th, 2013 with heavy hitter DJ's such as DJ Qbert, ATRAK, and Kool Herc on hand in the NYC Scratch Academy to put their skills on display and show you what can be learned through the curriculum. The Scratch DJ Academy is the absolute best place to go if you want to learn how to DJ and produce music with hands-on experience, lessons, and advice directly from industry professionals and experts. Check out the video performances from the event and enrolling class information after the jump.