DJ QBert...One of the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!

As I am sitting in my new Lab and cutting it up on the Numark V7's (be on the lookout for the review coming very soon!!!), I can't help but to think of the DJ that got me started scratching in the first place...The Grandmaster DJ Qbert! (classic DJ Q-bert video after the jump)

As I am sitting in my new Lab and cutting it up on the Numark V7's (be on the lookout for the review coming very soon!!!), I can't help but to think of the DJ that got me into scratching in the first place...The Grandmaster DJ Qbert! I remember back in the 90's when he would just destroy any set of decks that was placed in front of him. Or when he would put out one of those wacky and crazy instructional videos featuring the whole Invisibl Skratch Piklz Team (with DJ Q-bert, Mix Master Mike, and DJ Apollo, who left the group in 1993. The group later added DJ Disk, Shortkut, DJ Flare, Yogafrog, D-Styles, and A-Trak). It's not like this is some old school guy who is no longer relevant, as he is still killing it to this day! From juggling, to drumming, to inventing scratches, Qbert has proved to the World that he is truly one of a kind and definitely worthy of being called one of the greatest DJ's to ever touch a set of turntables. He was recently entered into the DMC hall of fame where he achieved the following victories (Some say that if he never stopped entering DMC, he would have possibly won 4 more titles):

-DMC USA Champion 1991 (Solo)

-DMC World Champion 1992 - Rock Steady DJs (Qbert, Mixmaster Mike & Apollo)

-DMC World Champion 1993 - Dreamteam (Qbert & Mixmaster Mike)

-DMC World Champion 1994 - Dreamteam (Qbert & Mixmaster Mike)

I could go on and on, but as DJ Qbert has proved time and time again....Actions speak louder than words...

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DJ Qbert Scratch Theory Live

The Legendary scratch DJ World Champion DJ Qbert will be online Live on Thursday, April 25th, 2013, at 9:00 p.m. EST to discuss Skratch Theory and to teach some of the principles that are fundamental to Qbert's Skratch University. Joining him will be Yogafrog as the moderator and people will be able to ask questions and learn more about turntablism as a whole. Check out the live stream link and full press release inside.


DJ Qbert Rips it up on the New Scratchophone Turntablist Instrument

While I was scouring the internet for a cool video to post for our Turntablist Feature Friday blog entries, I found this new instrument for turntablists called the Scratchophone. The Scratchophone has been in development for years now, and they are finally available for fully-customizable sale only! (Product Details and Q-Bert Demo Video Inside).



As we reported in an earlier post, the DJ Qbert 250 Canvases unveil is upon us. For those of you who went to the website to register, then you received a nice little email containing the exclusive details regarding the release of these DJ Qbert created works of art and how you can reserve one to be shipped directly to your doorstep. Details and Sign-up Information after the jump.



Qbert and DJ Craze are two of my personal favorite DJ's in the whole wide world. They have been killing the scratch/turntablist game for years and years and they both hold three DMC World titles each. Native Instruments has teamed up with Qbert and DJ Craze to bring an excellent Limited Edition Traktor Control Vinyl Set with exclusive sounds on side A (one with samples from Qbert and one with beats by Craze) and Traktor Scratch timecode on side B. Check out the details and links to get your set after the jump.


DJ Qbert's 250 Art Canvases

My personal favorite DJ is doing something different than the norm once again. To celebrate his 25 years of turntable supremacy, DJ Qbert (with the help of WAIL) has created 250 original works of art which will be sold on February 19th, 2011 in California. Each piece in the collection of 250 are massive in size and include photography, graphic art, found images, and acrylics. Each piece will be a true "one-of-a-kind" collectible. Details and Press Release inside.


It's Time to Vote for America's Best DJ!

It's that time again! DJ Times and Pioneer DJ Division announces the annual America's Best DJ Vote which is Now Open! All (or most) of your favorite radio, performance, and club DJ's are on the list for you to choose from. They are also promoting their America's Best DJ Performance Tour which will include many of the 100 DJ's listed on the voting ballot. I know who I am voting for...Do You? (details and links after the jump!)