Electrix EBOX-44 USB Audio Interface Review



The new 4-input/4-output EBOX-44 USB Audio Interface is a versatile little soundcard that can work perfectly with almost every DJ software and can also be used as a sound capture or conversion device. The price is excellent and the build quality is great. See what else we have to say about the EBOX-44 in the full video review inside.

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The Electrix EBOX-44 USB Audio Interface is a very versatile soundcard that works perfectly with almost every DJ software on the market. When used with Decadance, Mixvibes, and Virtual DJ, you can use it as a Digital Vinyl System running the Timecode CD's or Vinyl. This worked very nicely with Virtual DJ during the tests and proves to be a viable economic solution for DJ's on a budget who need a DVS interface. The EBOX-44 will not be able to run the DVS timecode for Traktor or Serato as they have proprietary information which can only be used on their own interface units (Audio for NI and SL for Serato). However, the EBOX-44 can be used with Traktor and Serato for recording and playback. The EBOX-44 is built solid with all metal housing and knobs. The Sound Quality is also great when transferring vinyl to the computer. The highs were nice and crisp and the bass was deep and punchy.

Conclusion / Recommended For

DJbooth.net recommends the EBOX-44 to DJ's who are on a budget who want a DVS interface without spending an arm and a leg. We also recommend it to individuals who need to convert their audio into a digital format.


  • Works Great as a DVS interface for Virtual DJ, Decadance, and Mixvibes
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Very Affordable Price
  • All Metal Construction


  • Can't work as DVS interface for Traktor or Serato
  • Can only run 2 Line level inputs OR 2 Phono level inputs



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