Gemini GVX-15 Speakers & XP-6000 Amplifier Review



Gemini has been creating all types of DJ and Pro-Audio equipment at great prices for years now. I haven't personally used a set of Gemini Speakers and Amplifier for over 10 years. I thought this was the perfect time to test the new top-of-the-line Gemini Pro speakers and Pro amplifier package to let everyone know how their Pro Audio gear would stack up to the rest. Gemini has sent me a set of GVX-15 (15-inch woofer) 2-way Passive Speakers along with an XP-6000 professional power amplifier to put it through the test. Check out my full HD-Video review of this package after the jump.

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Review Video & Demo

Setup & First Impressions

The GVX-15 Speakers and XP-6000 is a great Pro-Audio setup with good overall sound quality, sturdy construction, and low price-point. For a fraction of the cost of competitive speaker systems, DJ's will get a setup that will last them for quite some time and allow them to sound like a professional throughout the process.

The entire setup was connected to my Vestax PMC-05ProIV mixer running Traktor Scratch Pro 2 through an Audio 10 interface. We ended up using the entire pro-audio setup for 3.5 hours with the Amplifier gain knobs set at 50% or more during the entire test. We used Speakon speaker connections and XLR to XLR for a balanced mixer to amp connection. The Results were very satisfactory to say the least. The sound of the entire system never wavered throughout.

There was never any popping, hissing, or cut-offs during the test and the sound quality never tapered with time (meaning the sound was just as good in the first minute mark as it was at the 3 hour mark). The highs, mids, and lows were all legible even at the higher volumes. The setup also was ideal for many different types of music from Rock to Rap to Reggae and house. Everything just sounds tame and controlled with lots of volume and headroom to spare.



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The Gemini GVX-15 Speakers can handle 2000 Watts Max peak but are made to bump at 500 Watts Continuous power. They come with two Speakon connections that lock in place during use. The first connection goes back to the amplifier while the second connection is used for linking another speaker. The only real issue I had with the speakers was that they only accept Speakon connections, but Speakon is a great cable medium to be stuck with.

The outer casing of the GVX-15 is made of MDF wood with a nice textured feel to it. There is a metal cage in the front of the GVX-15 to protect the 2-way speaker woofer and horn. They definitely give off a good impression when it comes to durability and build quality overall. The woofer is a 15-inch model with a 60-ounce magnet while the Mid/High horn has a titanium driver. There is a 35mm pole mount underneath each one and there are cutouts around the sides for easy transport. The GVX-15's have a trapezoid design with one side having rubber stands so that they can be put on their side for stage performances. In terms of sound quality, the Highs were nice and crisp while the mids were very audible. The Bass response was also surprisingly good on the GVX-15's as they handled the bass instead of rattling to it. The chords on a bass guitar sound lovely in these woofers. I'm sure there are other systems out there that will cost a lot more that can outperform these speakers but they are more than adequate for most small to mid-sized Pro DJ gigs. The Gemini GVX speakers also come in 10-inch and 12-inch models with active editions with a built-in amplifiers also available.

The Gemini XP-6000 Professional power amplifier can produce 2000 Watts of power in Bridged/Mono Mode, but can give out 600 Watts of continuous Power per channel in Stereo Mode at 8 Ohms. For the purposes of this review, we tested this setup on stereo mode for the full 3.5 hour test-run. The Gemini XP-6000 amplifier continues with the good quality build found on the speakers. There is a full-metal chassis along with metal handles for easy transport and ears for 19-inch rackmount applications. There are Speakon, banana clips, and bare wire options for connections to speakers, while there is 1/4-inch and XLR input options around back.

The LED's on the front of the XP-6000 clearly show the volume levels and clipping levels so you know right where you are with the power. The Amplifier also has a cutoff function to save itself from any surges, but it was never "tripped" during out tests. The Gemini XP-6000 also has two front knobs to separately control the output level of each channel.

In Conclusion, we recommend the Gemini GVX-15 & XP-6000 Pro Audio Setup to any DJ who needs a good quality pro-audio system for a great price. Each piece can be found for under $280 if you know where to look. At that price, the setup will be hard to beat. The setup is also recommended for Mobile DJ's who have small to medium sized venues for gigs. Its very easy to transport the system since each piece has handles and they really look and feel like they can take a beating. This is also recommended as a great beginner or extra setup.


  • Great Price and Value
  • Adequate Sound Quality for Pro Audio & Mobile DJ Applications
  • Heavy-Duty Build Quality on Speakers & Amplifier
  • Nice Range of Inputs & Outputs (XP-6000)


  • Only Speakon Connections for Speakers (GVX-15)



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