Gemini GVX-SUB15P Powered Subwoofer Review



Our good friend's over at Gemini DJ has sent us a new GVX series powered subwoofer to put it through the same tests that we issued to the GVX loudspeakers. The Gemini GVX-SUB15P is a 400 watts continuously powered system with an on-board amplifier, crossover, and a host of input and output options making it a very versatile system good for any DJ or performer. Watch my full HD-video review of the Gemini GVX-SUB15P to see if this subwoofer system is something you might make apart of your setup.

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Review Video & Demo

Setup & First Impressions

The Gemini GVX speaker lineup is truly a great range of speakers that provide a great value with excellent speaker performance. We reviewed the Gemini GVX-15 speakers last month and now we are ready to put the new GVX subwoofer to the same tests. The Gemini GVX powered subwoofers are offered in 12-inch, 15-inch and 18-inch configurations but we will focus on the 15-inch variation for this review.



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The Gemini GVX-SUB15P is a 400 watts continuously powered system that has a peak of 1600 watts. The built in amplifier works very well with the entire system and powers the subwoofer more than adequately enough for our 2.5-hour stress test. The testing procedure was to operate the subwoofer at 75% power or more with all types of different music being played. The 15-inch woofer has a 2.5-inch voice coil and a 60oz magnet to make sure the bass is punchy and deep with good response and control. During our entire test, we could literally feel the bass in our chests and noting ever popped, cracked, or gave in along the way. The bass was just as responsive in the first minute as it was at the 2-hour mark. Once again, the GVX speaker lineup appears to come through for us in terms of performance.

The Gemini GVX-SUB15P also has an impressive amount of inputs, outputs, and features around the back of the unit. There are a set of XLR/quarter-inch inputs with a set of Through XLR outputs (that will output the same frequencies as the Master input), and a set of High Pass XLR outputs (that will only output the frequencies that are above those that the subwoofer will take on). There is a Frequency Control knob that will adjust how high or how low the frequency of the subwoofer will operate. This frequency control knob will also correspond to the frequency level of the High Pass XLR output which essentially means that there is an electronic crossover already on-board. The cabinet itself is made of a heavy-duty “textured” wood construction with a front grill for protection, a 35mm Speaker Pole mount to mount a full range speaker on top, and recessed handles for easy transport. The only negative that I could find with the GVX-SUB15P would be that the speaker weighs about 65lbs and it would be pretty heavy to try to move it before and after every single gig, but once you get it going, it’s easy to maneuver.

Conclusion / Recommended For

In conclusion, the Gemini GVX-SUB15P is probably the best Subwoofer that Gemini has ever created. The GVX-SUB15P has adequate power for almost any small to medium sized club, bar, or Mobile DJ application and the performance is fantastic. The GVX-SUB15P has some great bass sound and response that never showed any signs of degradation or weakness throughout our tests. We recommend the Gemini GVX-SUB15P (and the whole GVX speaker lineup) to any DJ or performer who needs a deep-powered-bass solution with an on-board crossover and a host of input/output options all at a very competitive price ($400).


  • Great value (Good powered subwoofer for only $400)
  • True 400 Watts RMS & 1600 Watts Peak Amplified subwoofer system
  • Heavy Duty “Textured” Wood Construction w/ Front Grille, Speaker Pole Mount, Recessed Handles
  • Excellent Deep/Punchy Bass with great response
  • On Board Crossover with Adjustable Frequency Control Knob
  • XLR/Quarter-inch Inputs & Through or High Pass XLR Outputs


  • It’s Heavy but easy to maneuver…



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