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Gemini Introduces the MM-4000 Audio FX Mixer


Gemini Introduces the MM-4000 Audio FX Mixer

‘The Ultimate Cost Effective Karaoke and Club DJ Mixer’

Edison, NJ – May 12, 2008: Offering exceptional value to Karaoke and Club DJs, Gemini’s new MM-4000 is the perfect affordable rack-mount DJ FX mixer.

Especially suited for vocal manipulation and mixing, this unit comes equipped with four ¼” mic channel inputs (unbalanced), one balanced XLR master microphone input, plus a rotary control FX Selector with Dry/Wet rotary control that lets you choose between 16 high quality built-in effect choices such as room reverbs, chorus, flange and delays!

In addition to the generous mic inputs and FX, the MM-4000 has an assignable user replaceable RailGlide™ cross fader, balanced XLR master output and master, zone and record RCA outputs for the total package to satisfy all your mixing needs.

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Introducing Marshall Major FX Headphones

The famous Guitar Amp company Marshall is really making a home for themselves in the pro-audio headphone market. Their latest addition to their headphone linue is the new Marshall Major FX headphones that are designed to work perfectly with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. There is a small 3-button controller built into the headphone cable that will allow for many different combinations that will activate the various functions on the apple machines. They also possess excellent sound isolation and a compact/collapsible design. These are on-sale now for about $130 and they definitely look like they are worth the price. They look very plush for long term listening and you know you are getting a high quality product when it comes to Marshall. Check inside for the press release and links.


Gemini UMX-5 Scratch Mixer (Great Deal)

Every once in a while, you can find excellent deals on barely used DJ Gear all across the internet and sometimes even in Pro Audio stores or pawn shops. Almost all of my gear is Brand New and I usually hate buying anything used, but there are some exceptions to this rule. Lots of times in the DJ Game, many people who decide to DJ one day will completely abandon the hobby in exchange for another shortly thereafter. There is a high turn-around rate for new DJ's and not everyone stays on and goes to that next level. So gear that has only seen a few weeks of use can sometimes find its way to an auction block for a sweet price. Such was the case with my mint-condition Gemini UMX-5 Professional Scratch mixer that I found last week for only $35 US Shipped to my doorstep. Don't believe me? Then check out the video inside.