Gibraltar DJ Radius Deck Review



Gibraltar DJ makes some really sturdy and great looking workstations for DJ's that use many different setups and styles. Gibraltar decided to send us one of their workstations to see how it would hold up to the tests. Here we test out the Radius Deck to see how its made and how well it works with different DJ gear. Check out our quick walkthrough video after the jump.

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Review Video & Demo

Setup & First Impressions

The Gibraltar DJ Radius Deck DJ Workstation is a super-sturdy setup that is made up of completely metal components including all adjustable joints, hinges, and piping. The Gibraltar DJ Radius Deck DJ Workstation is made for two CDJ's and a mixer but it can also work with DJ controllers or other gear that would fit into the footprint. The website also has many other workstations for other DJ gear like full turntable setups or even smaller setups so you can customize them the way you like. There's also a lot of accessories to choose from so you can be sure there is something for you. Check out our full video review above for the full walkthrough of the Gibraltar DJ RAdius Deck DJ Workstation.