Gibson LP8 Active Reference Monitor Review



The Gibson brand is well-known for its iconic Guitars that are said to be some of the best in the World. Gibson has recently released a new set of Active Reference Monitors named after Les Paul called the LP4, LP6, and LP8. Gibson just sent us a pair of LP8 monitors for the full out video review to see if these will work for the studio and light DJ duty.

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Setup & First Impressions

These new powered speakers come in three beautiful finishes to mimic the iconic Les Paul Guitars while the LP4 has a four-inch woofer, the LP6 has a six-inch woofer, and the LP8 (reviewed) has an eight-inch woofer. All three speakers come with a one-inch dome tweeter for the highs. The LP4 has a 103-watt bi-amplifier, while the LP6 and LP8 both have a 247-watt bi-amplifier built in. The LP monitors all come in three different finishes to match the Les Paul Guitars which are cherry, tobacco burst, and cherry burst. The models we are reviewing are the cherry burst LP8's. The finish is somewhat of a mixed bag, since some users will like a more subtle look, while others will appreciate the different aesthetics that they provide to a room. I personally like the shiny and stylish look of these monitors and they look great in the studio room setting. The Gibson LP monitors are made of MDF cabinets with non-woven carbon woofers that are covered by a black mesh grill for protection. The cabinets feel really thick and feel very durable. They also come bundled with soft and plush bags that protect the speaker during transport.

Around the back, the Gibson LP8's have an RCA input and a combination 1/4-inch and XLR jack to handle unbalanced source needs. It may have been better if they split the combination jack and have separate 1/4-inch and XLR jacks so that three different sources can be connected simultaneously. There is also a Bass and High switch knobs that allow users to tailor the bass and treble sounds to suit the room dynamics. There is also a volume control knob to get the right levels.

Check out the Full HD-Video Review Above for a Detailed Breakdown of the LP8!

Conclusion / Recommended For

In conclusion, the Gibson LP8 monitors are very heavy with a Durable MDF construction and clear/crisp sound with accurate overall sound reproduction. They all sport unique Les Paul Guitar finishes and contain multiple inputs and an auto-standby feature to save power. On the downside, not everyone will be a fan of the unique looks and the price is a bit on the steep side. Overall, the LP8 monitors are a great addition to any audio professional setup and perfect for anyone who wants an accurate reproduction of the original source material.


    -Heavy and Durable Construction -Clear & Crisp Sound with Accurate Reproduction -Unique Les Paul Guitar Finishes -RCA & XLR-TRS Combo Inputs -Auto-Standby Feature


    -Expensive -Unique Styling



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