Hercules RMX-2 DJ Controller Announced

The newest DJ controller released by Hercules, the DJConsole RMX 2 has now been announced. The DJConsole RMX 2 is perfect for fans of the original DJ Console RMX and new mobile DJs looking for professional gear combining performance, versatility and mobility at an affordable price. Just like the first RMX controller, this Hercules RMX 2 is made up of a metal chassis, comes with Virtual DJ LE 8 (when it's released) and has lots of controls that are customizable for any DJ's needs. Check out the press release inside.


New Hercules DJ Console Mk4 Is Now Available For Purchase

For all the DJ's out there that need an extremely affordable All-in-One Media Controller can usually count on the Hercules DJ Consoles to deliver the goods. Fortunately for these DJ's there is an all-new MK4 version of the Hercules DJ Console that is now available for purchase from Guitar Center, Sam Ash, and (Details Inside).


Hercules Announces the DJ 4Set Console

With every DJ equipment manufacturer creating their own version of a 4-channel or 4-deck Digital Media Controller, it was only a matter of time before Hercules would get in the mix. Hitting the store shelves soon is the Hercules DJ 4Set digital media controller. They are advertised as having scratch-worthy pressure sensitive jog wheels and loop-deck functions similar to the Traktor S4. At a very affordable $249 retail price, they may just be worth a try. (Press Release and Details Inside).


Hercules DJ Console 4-MX Controller Unboxing Video

The Hercules DJ Controller company has sent me a brand new Hercules DJ Console 4-MX Digital DJ Controller for a full video review. I am working on the review right now and it will be released by Monday of next week. In the meantime, I am going to give you all a quick teaser video showing the unboxing and initial impressions of the 4-MX DJ Controller. With a great price and a good feature set, this controller has been generating a lot of interest from seasoned DJ's to beginners alike. Check inside for the short teaser video and tune in next week for the full video review.