I-MEGO Throne Gold Headphones Review



I-Mego is a relatively new company with a nice line of headphones of all shapes and sizes to suit all sorts of listening styles and needs. The I-Mego Throne headphones are the main style of headphones that they carry that could possibly fit the bill for DJ’s needs. Check out my Full HD-Video and written reviews inside to see if they are good enough to be used by the real working DJ.

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Review Video & Demo

Unboxing Video

Setup & First Impressions

I-Mego is a relatively new company with a nice line of headphones of all shapes and sizes to suit all sorts of listening styles and needs. The I-Mego Throne headphones are the main style of headphones that they carry that could possibly fit the bill for DJ’s needs. They have some cool styling cues and an over-the-ear design that looks the part, but we’ll test them out further to see if they can really withstand the realm of the DJ.

In the Box

-Headphones w/Attached one-touch Cable -Mini to ¼” Gold-Plated Adapter -Documentation -Small Mini Adapter Cable for All Smartphone Compatibility



The Design of the I-MEGO Throne headphones is very unique and different from anything I’ve seen on the market today. They have this throwback 50’s retro look to them and a feel that is smooth to the touch and built for comfort. They are designed to look like metal, but in reality, they are made of mostly plastic except for the wire frame that holds the actual earcup in place. They are available in this Gold Color and also a Purple color which both have the same eye-opening effect. The THRONE GOLD headphones actually have great bass for heavy beats for rock or hip hop where the POISON (Purple) offer crisp acoustics and clarity. There is a permanently attached straight cable with an in-line microphone and one-touch button for receiving or making calls on a compatible smartphone. It is a 4ft straight cable with a gold-plated mini jack on the end. It would have been nice if I-MEGO would have made this a removable cable so that way users could replace it if the cable gets damaged, but it doesn’t feel cheap or like it will snag and break, but if someone really pulls hard enough or yanks at it, there could be damage.



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The earpcups on the outside are made up of hard and shiny plastic with a nice rubberized coating to it with no real markings on it except for a tiny tag near the earpads that state the IMEGO brand name. The earcups are connected to the headband via a metal wire style horseshoe gold connection. This gold wire definitely adds to the retro-look that also proves a lightweight and strong build quality. The headphones have 40mm drivers that are covered by some really comfortable memory foam pads and soft Real-Leather material. These oval-shaped pads actually fit Over-The-Ear instead of on the ear but they are VERY comfortable and lightweight and provide very good isolation and leakage protection. These headphones are great extended usage as they are very comfortable when worn for long periods of time. This is probably because these headphones are intended for all types of listening environments and for users on the go with their smartphones.

The joint/hinge that connects the metal wire swivel to the headband is made of the same shiny-hard plastic that the earcups are made from. I’m not really sold on the durability of the small plastic box that holds the headphones to the headband, but during our use it held up nicely. They don’t make any creaks or noises when twisted to the brink of breakage and they feel generally sturdy, but this will most likely be the point of breakage when the time comes to replace them.

The I-MEGO Throne headphones cannot fold, swivel, or twist like other DJ headphones and they will always remain in a standard position. DJ’s usually like for their headphones to swivel or at least fold for easy transport, but they still feel good on the head when monitoring with one earcup on and the other off or with both earcups on your head at the same time. The headband on the I-MEGO Throne is very light and comfortable with just enough padding and a suede under-covering material that feels nice on your head. The top of the headband is once again Real-Leather as well. The headband doesn’t really clamp down hard on your head but they are held tight enough for normal listening. If you are the type of DJ to bounce around in the booth a lot, then these may not be tight enough for you, but they are very comfortable as a trade-off.

Sound Quality

The Sound Quality of the I-MEGO Throne headphones is comparable or slightly better than other DJ headphones in the $100 range. These headphones run about $129 at retail, but you have to account for the unique style and finish of these unique headphones. They have 40mm diameter drivers with 20 – 20,000 Hz frequency response to provide booming bass and tight-playback of the mids and highs. These headphones perform great on all types of devices including smartphones and tablets. While using the I-MEGO Throne headphones, I noticed that the lows were a bit more punchy than other headphones in this bracket. The lows don’t drown out the mids and highs, but it does sound like it has more bass response than mids/highs. This is usually a good thing for a DJ because we need to hear the bass for easy beatmatching and monitoring.

For DJ use, we used the I-MEGO Throne headphones with a Vestax Mixer, Vestax Controller, DJ Tech controller, and a Stanton Mixer. Every time we used the headphones, the volumes were adequate and the sound stayed true. When volumes were pushed to the max and near the “red”, the headphones did produce a bit of distortion, but virtually any headphone in this bracket will do the same. All in all, the Throne headphones sound great on tablets, smartphones, computers, DJ Mixers, and DJ controllers. As mentioned earlier, these headphones have great isolation properties and low leakage making them ideal for DJ use in the sound category.

Conclusion / Recommended For

In conclusion the I-MEGO Throne headphones are a good set of cans that will work well for DJ needs and for other general listening purposes. These are a good for many different activities which make them a single set of headphones with multiple uses. I can easily see myself using these in the DJ booth and then taking them with me on a Plane-Ride to Denver for business. The I-MEGO Throne Hedphones have a very unique design and style which sets them apart from the rest. They also have good sound quality with heavy bass and high volume while also providing good isolation with low leakage so others can’t hear what you’re mixing in next. They also offer a comfortable and light-weight listening experience for extended periods of time on all types of devices. On the downside, the IMEGO Throne headphones have a permanently attached cable which can’t be replaced if broken, along with plastic construction at the joints, and they can’t fold, bend, or twist for easy transport or different DJ monitoring styles. Even with these shortcomings, I’m still going to recommend the IMEGO Throne headphones to DJ’s who want a stylish set of headphones that others probably won’t have and that they can use for all their other general listening needs.


  • Nice Retro Design and Unique Styling
  • Great Sound Isolation with Low Leakage
  • Very Comfortable for Longtime Listening
  • Good sound quality with heavy bass & high volume


  • Permanently Attached Cable
  • Plastic Construction at the Joints
  • Cannot fold, bend, or twist for easy transport and Monitoring Styles