KRK Rokit 4 & Rokit 10-3 Monitor Review



Everyone who's been in the DJ or production realm for any amount of time will immediately recognize the KRK brand of active studio monitors with their all black body construction and signature yellow cones in the woofers. Today we have a pair of KRK Rokit 4 G3 and a pair of KRK Rokit 10-3 G3 active Monitors in the lab for the full out review treatment. Check out our review video after the jump.

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Review Video & Demo

Setup & First Impressions

The KRK Rokit series powered monitor speakers are now on their third generation. They are very affordable and offer good sound quality that is suited for producing music or for jamming out as a DJ or performer in smaller spaces. The Rokit series come in the original 5-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch configurations and now include the newly released 4-inch and 10-inch versions that we will look at in depth in the above review video. There is also a KRK 10S Subwoofer that has a 10-inch woofer for giving users that booming bass when needed.

All of the Rokit series powered monitors and subwoofers have an all-black vinyl-wrapped solid MDF enclosure a front-facing bass air port so that they can be placed near walls without distortion or feedback. All of the Rokit monitors also sport three different inputs including an XLR, RCA, and TRS jack for connectivity and have bi-amped internal power. The Rokits also have a rubber pad underneath to prevent rattling while in use. The Rokit 4 monitors come in three different colors including the original black, a white edition, and the silver edition that we reviewed in the video. The Rokit 10-3 has a three way design meaning it has three different drivers. The one-inch dome tweeter for the highs, another smaller woofer for the mids, and the massive 10-inch woofer for the bottom end. Check out the full video review above for our full take on these iconic monitors for performers and producers. Also be sure to watch our review of the KRK Rokit 5 & 10S subwoofer that was completed a few months back...


  • Durable Construction with MDF Enclosures
  • Good Price for Performance
  • Three Separate Inputs XLR, TRS, & RCA
  • Good quality sound for Making Music (Overall Flat response)
  • 10-3 really adds more Bass & Sound for a bigger room/studio


  • Non Switchable Inputs
  • Sound Not Perfectly Flat



KRK Introduces the VXT4 Computer Monitor Speakers

The company that has brought us studio monitors for years is now breaking into the computer speaker market amidst all the new DJ's and producers going to completely digital and computer setups. KRK (now apart of the Stanton Group along with Cerwin Vega) introduces the new VXT4 computer monitor speakers. They come in your choice of black or white and pricing promises to be competitive. Full press release inside.