Mackie D2-Pro Mixer Review



Now the new Mackie d.2 pro picks up where the original model left off, with enhanced FireWire capabilities for direct connection to Mac or PC, more flexible routing, and Traktor® Scratch certification for spinning digital music files using standard turntables with specially coded vinyl.

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Production Gear: Mackie ProFX16 and ProFX22

Anyone who knows anything about Production Gear knows that Mackie has been making top-of-the-line Mixing boards since the beginning of sound-producing time! Mackie now has a new innovative line of Mixers called the ProFX Series Mixers. These mixers boast full Stereo USB connectivity for compatibility with the mixing software of your choice, 7-Band Graphical EQ per channel, 32-bit effects, and dedicated in-line compression all at a reasonable cost. Check inside for more information on the new 16-line and 22-line ProFX Mixers.