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NAMM 2010 - American Audio VMS4

American Audio introduced the VMS Midi Control, which has 2 jog wheels and 4 channels. Supposedly it also has a pretty seamless integration with Traktor. Also, Im surprised to see you can upgrade the fader to an Innofader. Hit the jump to see the full feature list.
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American Audio introduced the VMS Midi Control, which has 2 jog wheels and 4 channels. Supposedly it also has a pretty seamless integration with Traktor. Also, Im surprised to see you can upgrade the fader to an Innofader. We will have all the details for you when we get our grimy hands on the unit later this year. In the meantime, here are the details.


General Features:

• Midi Controller with 4 USB / Analog selectable MIDILOG™ (Midi & Analog) channels

• Traktor ready**

• All audio control faders, knobs, switches, and buttons smoothed - eliminates popping, wiper noise, and zipper noise

• On/Off soft startup and turnoff

• Gain/treble/mid/bass EQ on all MIDILOGTM channels

• 2 phono/line selectable analog channels

• Two microphone channels with illuminated on/off switches and gain/treble/mid/bass EQs

• On/off cueing on each MIDILOGTM channel

• Split cueing headphones with rotary mix control

• Illuminated rubber knobs for ease of use in dark environments

• Solid 1.6mm thick faceplate for extra durability

• Panel mounted rotary knobs

• Full analog mixer operation if the computer crashes or with external power supply

• Innofader replaceable crossfader compatible (sold separately)

• Crossfader curve control

• Crossfader assign and reverse

• Q-Start crossfader controlled startup for 2 external audio players

• User replaceable channel faders

• Master and Booth outputs with L/R balance

• Balanced Master outputs

• 12 position stereo master output VU meter

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Midi Features:

• Built-in mouse pad

• Long life MIDI assignable touch strips

• Two 10- bit resolution pitch sliders

• 62 assignable MIDI buttons and switches

• 50 MIDI buttons have LED illuminations, including 18 with dual blue/red LEDs

• 4 assignable rotary encoders

• 34 assignable rotary controllers

• 5 assignable linear fader controllers

• Dual MIDI controls on all buttons and switches

• Dual 2000 point resolution touch sensitive turntable scratch controllers

Audio Features:

• 24-bit 48 kHz analog audio

• 16-bit 44.1kHz USB audio

• 10-bit resolution on all analog fader controls

• THD <0.1%*

• Channel separation >60dB*

• S/N ratio >85dB*

• Analog channel audio latency < 1msec

• Selectable USB modes: 4 in 4 out mode for running software effects on phono/line analog channels or 2 in 8 out mode for running 4 software channels and master recording

• 2 msec response on all buttons

• 4 msec response on all rotary and linear faders

• 1 msec USB latency

* For each audio channel, both line and phono mode

** Traktor is a registered trademark of Native Instruments GmbH

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NAMM 2012 Video: American Audio VMS-Touch

Our good friends over at the American Audio booth were gracious enough to give us a quick rundown video of their newest products for 2012 at the NAMM show in California. The hot piece being the new all-in-one Digital DJ controller called the American Audio VMS-Touch. This new DJ controller has lots of slick features that the American Audio representative will run down for us in this video straight from the NAMM showroom floor. Watch the video after the jump.


[NAMM 2013] American Audio VMS Controllers Video

American Audio is on-hand at this year's NAMM 2013 show with a trio of new DJ controllers for the masses to check out. Edgar from American Audio gives Pro Audio Star (our DJ gear partners) an exclusive video look at the new American Audio ELMC-1 (compact/simple MIDI controller), the American Audio VMS DJ (2-deck VDJ controller), and the American Audio VMS Jelly (a DJ controller that glows and pulses to the sound of the music). Check out the video directly from the NAMM floor and my quick breakdown of each after the jump.


American Audio VSM4 Controller Video

At the DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ last month, we were able to see the American Audio VSM4 media controller up close and personal and we were surprised at its versatility and multiple functionality. This 4-deck multimedia player is full of so many features and potential that the guys at proaudiostar decided to put out a quick video to explain the VSM4. Video inside.


American Audio MXR-Series DJ Mixer/Controllers

American Audio has just announced their new line of MXR-Series DJ Mixer-Controllers that are soon to be released to the Digital DJ market. The new MXR-Series Mixer/Controllers come in three different flavors in order to fit many different DJ styles which include the 10 MXR (10-inch, 2-channel), the 14 MXR (14-inch 4-channel), and the 19 MXR (19-inch, 4-channel Rackmount). All of the faders and knobs are MIDI-mappable to the DJ software of your choice and they come bundled with Virtual DJ LE straight out of the box. Check out the press release and my breakdown inside.