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NAMM 2010 - Denon DN-X1600 Mixer Announced!

Based on the same core engine as Denon DJ’s flagship DN-X1700, the DN-X1600 is an affordable and versatile four-channel digital mixer with a variety of features including V-LINK, a function developed by Roland Corporation® that allows DJ performers to simultaneously integrate audio and video.
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The DN-X1600 Digital DJ Mixer, offers superb sound quality, durability, reliability, operability and visibility. Based on the same core engine as Denon DJ’s flagship DN-X1700, the DN-X1600 is an extremely affordable and versatile four-channel digital mixer with a variety of features perfect for all DJs and electronic musicians, from professional club and touring DJs, to party DJs and bedroom mix artists. Denon’s engineers have provided every capability professional DJs will require: working with vinyl, CD, digital files, DJ software applications via laptops and USB storage devices. In addition to its stellar digital mixing capabilities, the DN-X1600 provides an exclusive MIDI control UI area for functionality and ease-of-use for the rapidly growing PC DJ market.

The DN-X1600 features a simple spacious layout, with highly tactile controls widely and logically laid out to enable easy operation during performance. This unit features large high-quality rubberized knobs, studio quality 60-mm Alps custom channel faders, high-visibility VFD display and extended 16-point LED channel and output metering. A first for any DJ mixer introduced to date, the DN-X1600 is also equipped with V-LINK, a function developed by Roland Corporation® that allows DJ performers to simultaneously integrate audio and video. Connecting devices that support V-LINK to the mixer’s MIDI terminals (such as the EDIROL V-4 or V-8) make it possible to perform a wide range of visual effects linked with the tempo of the music.


* 4-Channel Digital DJ Mixer with Studio Quality Components & Specifications

* Internal 32-bit Floating DSP Processing and 32-Bit DAC Output for best possible sound

* 24 bit 96kHz USB2.0 Audio Interface (Soundcard) 4in/4out (stereo)

* PC/MAC Compatible

* Low latency 32/64 Bit ASIO driver for PC included

* DVS direct mode (CD/Vinyl) for DJ applications using control signal operation (timecode)

* Traktor Scratch Certification to be announced soon!

* USB MIDI In/Out and 5-pin MIDI Out

* Fully MIDI Mappable with additional focused area of up to 4 MIDI pages by parameter knobs and buttons

* Dual Layer Control Available – MIDI / Normal Audio

* Independent Effector w/14 Effects available:











Rev. Loop

Pitch Shift



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Send/ReturnWorld's first DJ mixer to feature V-Link - Allows DJ performers to simultaneously integrate audio and video control over MIDI via Edirol's V-4/V-8 models

* * 2-way EFX Parameter Filter (LPF/HPF)

* Independent EFX Insert for, Channel, Mic, & Master

* Matrix Input Assignment for Line/Phono and selectable USB Audio, Digital Input

* Phono Amplifier with high S/N ratio, equivalent to Denon Hifi products

* Discrete Transistor construction for Mic Amplifier to realize a studio console class’ low noise level (EIN 126dB)

* High sound quality high output Headphone Amplifier

* 45mm Cross Fader (Flex Fader) w/tension adjust

* 60mm custom Alps type Channel Faders

* Fader Contour control for Channel and Cross Fader

* Fader Start function (channel/cross fader)

* Cross Fader assignment function: (A, B, Thru)

* Independent 3-Band Isolator EQ w/Kills (High-Mid-Low)

* Large FL Tube Display w/various indicators for super easy navigation

* Selectable Digital Output (44.1/48/96kHz)

* Balanced/Unbalanced Master Output

* Balanced Booth Output

* 2 Mic Input w/Ducking level and attack time control

* Send/Return control for external effectors

* Extensive Utility Menu to customize user settings

* Preset Import/Export Function by USB memory device (take your settings to another X1600/X1700 mixer)

* Large Capacitor, and large-diameter Winding Wire for Transformer

* Ideal Grounding Construction protecting from external noise

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Plethora of new Denon Products Announced at the 2010 DJ Expo

With the crew representin' at the 2010 DJ Expo of Atlantic City this week, we are bringing you a quick feature of some new Denon Products that we will show you better looks at on next week's DJ Expo Video coverage! For now, here are a few press releases and photos of the new DN-X600 (2-channel mixer), DN-SC2000 (Single MIDI Controller), and the DN-MC6000 (4-Deck MIDI Controller).


Denon DN-X600 Two-Channel Digital Mixer is Now Available

The all-new Denon DN-X600 two-channel digital mixer is now available for sale on store shelves across the country. This mixer sports a new high performance Flex Fader with tension adjustments and high quality Alps line faders as well. The DN-X600 also has a host of functions including effects, a powerful EQ system, and a USB 2.0 built-in sound card with four-channels. More info inside.


Denon DN-MC6000 Launch Party

The all-new 4-Deck Mixer and Midi Controller, the Denon DN-MC6000, recently had a full product Launch Party on December 1st at the SKY Ultra Lounge in Oak Brook, Illinois. There were many people on hand at the event which was open to the public. DJ Silvio and other Denon techies were on hand with the full Denon DJ product line to give demonstrations and showing everyone there exactly what the Denon DN-MC6000 can do.


NAMM 2010 - Rane Sixty Eight Mixer Announced!

Introducing the first professional DJ mixer with two USB 2.0 High Speed ports with support for real-time connection of two computers. Two DJs can work in parallel and/or seamlessly transition from one DJ to another.