NAMM 2018: Pioneer DDJ-1000 Walkthrough Video

Check out our quick walkthrough of the new Pioneer DDJ-1000 From the NAMM 2018 Showroom Floor!

We are on-site at NAMM 2018 and we were at the Pioneer DJ Booth with Pulse to show us the brand new Pioneer DDJ-1000 Rekordbox DJ controller.  Check out all the features in this new powerful controller and stay tuned for the review Coming Soon!!!

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[Video] Pioneer DDJ-WeGO Walkthrough

The newly announce all-in-one entry-level controller by Pioneer DJ now has a nice walkthrough video posted on the web for all to see. The new Pioneer DDJ-WeGO controller comes in a slew of different colors and has a small form factor for easy transport. All of the basic DJ functions are there and everything is included in the box to get a new DJ started on their journey. We will be sure to have a full in-depth and highly detailed HD-Video review shortly, but check out Pioneer DJ's own walkthrough video on the DDJ-WeGO after the jump.


DJ Expo 2016 - Pioneer DDJ-RZX [Video]

Pioneer DJ has announced its newest Flagship DJ controller for Rekordbox DJ called the DDJ-RZX and it was on the showroom floor at the Atlantic City DJ Expo 2016. We were able to get our hands on the unit and a quick walkthrough by Pioneer in the video inside. The new DDJ-RZX is a huge controller that has three high-resolution touch-screen displays which makes it perfect for the new Video DJ plug-in that is available on Rekordbox DJ. The DDJ-RZX is the first DJ controller to allow users to preview and playback video using the on-board screens while performing.


NAMM 2011 - Pioneer DDJ-S1 Demo Video

Once again, our peeps over at Pro-Audio star are Live at NAMM 2011 bringing us the best rundown videos in the business. Here is the Pioneer DDJ-S1 (Serato controller) rundown video explained directly from the mouth of Pioneer. More to come as these players hit the market. We will be bringing you full written and video reviews when it becomes available. Extensive Video Inside.


Pioneer DDJ-RR Unboxing [Video]

The New Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR is very similar to the DDJ-SR for Serato, but this one is built specifically for Rekordbox DJ software and it includes RGB backlit pads that the original did not. The DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR are also the first controllers to support PC Master Out, for playing master output through your computer’s internal speakers or connected desktop speakers, while using the controller for your headphones at the same time. The DDJ-RR also has a new Sequence feature that allows DJ's to perform in new ways. Check out our quick unboxing video to get our first impressions on the new DDJ-RR.


NAMM 2011 - Pioneer DDJ-S1 Introduction Video

Now that Pioneer has announced the DDJ-S1 and DDJ-T1 media controllers at this year's NAMM, they have now posted a nice introduction and feature video to get everyone familiar with their newest offerings. The Serato Itch based controller, the DDJ-S1 is on display which shows many of the features found on the unit along with some real-world application to give DJ's an idea on how to use this beast of a controller. Video Inside.