NAMM 2018: RANE SEVENTY-TWO & TWELVE Walkthrough & Demo Video

Check out our Full In-Depth walkthrough of the new RANE SEVENTY-TWO and TWELVE From the NAMM 2018 Showroom Floor!

We are on site for the NAMM 2018 show and we were invited to the exclusive InMusicBrands room where we got to use the new RANE SEVENTY-TWO Serato DJ Mixer and TWELVE Serato DJ Controllers.  This was the first time they were available for use to the public and they are DOPE!  Check out our really in-depth and hands-on experience with the new Scratch Battle setup and stay tuned for the reviews which will be coming in March when its all released!

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[DJ Expo 2017] Rane Booth Walkthrough Video

We were on hand earlier to kickoff the Atlantic City DJ Expo and we had a chance to check out the new Rane Booth. The Rane booth included lots of NYC DJ's cutting it up along with the newly announced Rane Seventy-Two Mixer and Twelve Turntable Controller. They also had their other goodies out as well. Check out the full walkthrough video of the Rane DJ booth to see how it all went down.


[DJ Expo 2017] Rane Seventy-Two Mixer & Twelve Controller Video Walkthrough

We were on hand at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ Earlier today to talk to the Rane people about their latest products. The newly announced Rane Seventy-Two Mixer and Twelve Turntable Controller are a reality. The Rane Seventy-Two mixer is a two channel battle mixer which looks like a Pioneer DJM-S9 with a screen in the middle and three Rane Magnetic faders. The Rane Twelve Turntable Controller is a solid all metal digital turntable that does not use a needle or tonearm for sound, but rather digital USB connections to work with Serato DJ. Check out my quick rundown video below and stay tuned for reviews as soon as these bad boys are released. Check out the additional info below for even more on this dope new setup.


NAMM 2016: Rane MP2014 [Video]

At this weekend's NAMM 2016 show Rane has introduced a two-channel version of their popular rotary mixer called the Rane MP2014. The Rane MP2014 is just like the recently reviewed Rane MP2015 except it has two less channels and removes the submix section bringing the MP2014 down to only 10-inches wide (11-inches with the wood panels) which also brings down the cost to $1999.