NAMM 2018: Reloop KUT Mixer Walkthrough Video

Check out our quick walkthrough of the new Reloop KUT Mixer From the NAMM 2018 Showroom Floor!

We are on-site at NAMM 2018 and we were at the Reloop DJ Booth to see the brand new Reloop KUT 2-channel DJ Mixer.  This mixer has a cool throwback look that reminds us of the golden age in the Scratch DJ timeline where the Vestax PMC series dominated the market with the gold and black mixer color.  The Reloop KUT also has a built in soundcard and is fully MIDI mapable.  Check out all the features in this cool new scratch mixer and stay tuned for the review Coming Soon!!!

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NAMM 2018: Gemini DJ PMX-10 & PMX-20 Mixers

Watch our walkthrough of the new Gemini PMX-10 & PMX-20 MIDI Mixers From the NAMM 2018 Showroom Floor!


NAMM 2018: Mixars Quattro Serato DJ Mixer Walkthrough Video

The Mixars Quattro 4-Channel Serato DJ MIDI mixer is at he NAMM 2018 Show for all to see...


NAMM 2018: Denon DJ PRIME X1800 & SC5000 Updates Walkthrough Video

Watch our NAMM 2018 Denon DJ PRIME Series Updates Walkthrough Video


Reloop KUT 2-Channel Scratch Mixer Announced [Video]

Check out the quick Lowdown on the New Reloop KUT; 2-Channel DJ Scratch Mixer!


Reloop RMX-90 DVS Serato Mixer [Video]

Reloop is getting into the NAMM 2017 spirit by releasing the new RMX-90 DVS Serato DJ mixer. The new Reloop RMX-90 is a four channel club style mixer with 12 on-board Beat effects, internal 8x8 soundcard with Serato DJ DVS capability for all four channels, a USB hub, and individual channel filters. This new Powerful Mixer will be at NAMM and so will we to bring you an exclusive video look and our own first impressions.


NAMM 2015: Reloop RP-8000 Straight & RMX-60 Digital [Video]

Reloop has just dropped a BOMB for vinyl DJ's by announcing its new Reloop RP-8000 Straight turntable with a straight tonearm that is great for scratching. Reloop has also announced a new RMX-60 Digital mixer for NAMM 2015. These two products were announced by a quick surprise video from Reloop with turntablist DJ Fong Fong going to work on the new RP-8000 Straight turntables and the RMX-60 Digital four-channel mixer. Check out the video and our thoughts after the jump.